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New UWB Access Account Request


Attention: This form has been updated. Please read carefully.

UWB Access Account Request Form

If you wish to update existing UWB Access Account information please use the Account Update Request form instead.

A UWB Access Account is a supplemental account available to all faculty, staff, and student workers of the University of Washington Bothell.  It is separate from the UW NetID account and will not be needed for most UWB employees.  It is used to allow access to the CMSDesk for editing UWB website pages (, and to access other specialized computing resources only. Although it can be used to logon to UWB workstations, access the UWB Fileservers, etc., the standard UW NetID account can be used for those purposes as well.  For more information about UWB Access Accounts please see: UWB Access Accounts.

Please allow up to 72 hours for new account creation.

New Employee Information

The UWB Access Account is only necessary to allow access for editing UWB website pages (, and to access other specialized computing resources.

Which of the following will the user require:

Fileserver Access:  Required

UWB Website Editing Access:  Required




Account Processing cannot be completed without a valid UWNetID. See: UWNetID Resources


 Appointment Duration: Required


Network File Storage

This account will be given access to the root of their department  share folder at \\\departments\DEPARTMENT_NAME

UWB Website Editing Access (CMS Content Management Service)Employees who will need access to the CMS Content Management Service to edit information on the UW Bothell website, please see access request instructions here:

UWBIT no longer provisions independent email, and a UWB Access Account does not include email. The UWB campus has standardized on the use of UW NetID addresses ( with UW Office 365 mailboxes for email. New UWB employees may be required to convert their UW NetID email to UW Office 365. Please discuss this standard with your UWB employees, and direct them to Email Service at UWB for more information on Email at the UWB campus.

Email Services
Distribution Lists

All new accounts will have their address subscribed to the NBAll Mailman distribution list. Any users wishing to unsubscribe from the list can do so through the nball General Information page. An unsubscribe form can be found at the bottom under "nball Subscribers".

Employee Role: Required

Users wishing to unsubscribe from the nball, nbfac, or nbstaff mailing lists may send an email to and IT will remove their email from the requested list.

Other Resource

Access to other resources should be requested through or the appropriate provisioning group. SDB, FIN, and other central data base access is provisioned by UW Information Technologies

Requestor Information Required
Security Question: Required 

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