University data and systems are subject to numerous laws, regulations, and institutional requirements. These obligations may include how, where, and how long information is stored by UW organizations. Several resources are available to guide decision making and support and consultation are always available.

Administrative Policy Statements (APS)

Administrative Policy Statements, as stated by the University APS website, focus on primarily on institution-wide policy statements that provide the University's administrative approach towards implementing a statute, rule, agency order, or other provision of law or policy

Regulatory Compliance

While FERPA compliance is the most common regulation that the University must adhere to, several other requirements often affect UW organizational operating procedures, to include: HIPAA, PCI, FISMA, RCWs, and EAR/ITAR.

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UW CISO Laws and Regulations

Records Management

Did you know that electronic data produced by UW employees, including email, office documents, and even text messages may be considered official records subject to retention? This can have a significant impact on building or procuring various IT services and even how data is handled by each UW department.

UW Records Management

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