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Welcome to the Windows 7 Project

This Phase One Windows 7 rollout project has been successfully completed and closed. Our objectives have been met, including classroom, lab, and kiosk workstations upgrades, our Windows 7 image has been completed and released with upgraded software packages, and we are taking requests for individual upgrades.

We are very grateful to our incredible staff for all their hard work, as well to the wonderful UW Bothell community for your feedback, support, and patience throughout this project.

If you are curious about the project, please feel free to scan the information on this page and let us know if you have any questions.

We are taking a phased approach to rolling out Microsoft's Windows 7 and Office 2010 at UW Bothell. We expect to complete our first phase by the beginning of Summer quarter 2011. Our first phase goals include:

  • Transition ePodium computers, computer classrooms, the Open Lab, Windows-based Program labs, and Campus Kiosks to Windows 7 by the beginning of summer quarter 2011.
  • Publically offer the Windows 7 image for faculty and staff who wish to transition.
  • All new computer deployments based on Windows 7, unless Windows XP is required to support a legacy hardware/software need.

Future project phases will focus on organizing scheduled transitions for program and department office computers in order to collaboratively develop solutions for legacy software and hardware. We anticipate supporting both Windows 7 and Windows XP systems for much of the 2011-2012 academic year--we do not anticipate compatibility issues for users moving between platforms.

Project Outline

Important elements of our project include:


  • Faculty feedback  to be sure we address all outstanding compatiblity issues
  • Upgrade software versions and packages for Windows 7
  • Design and document the "behind the scenes" desktop management tools and procedures for Windows 7
  • IT Staff will transition to a Windows 7 beta image to test for any remaining bugs


  • May 2nd - Transition the Open Lab (UW2-140) and Kiosks in order to provide a facility for training.
  • May 2nd - Windows 7 image available for new computer deployments and by request for early adopters.
  • Mid-May - Scheduled training classes offered, along with an ongoing quick orientation service through the helpdesk.


  • Classroom and Lab Windows 7 imaging expected to take place beginning during the break after Spring quarter.

Current Project Status - Implementation

Our project team is currently implementing our project by engaging in software/hardware testing, campus communication, documentation, training, and image design.

We are preparing to make Windows 7 and Office 2010 upgrades available to faculty and staff by request beginning the week of May 2, 2011.

Feedback - we want to hear from you! 

For Microsoft Outlook users, simply click on the link below and Outlook will generate an email for you to send to the Windows 7 Task Force.  For all other users, please send your comments to the email address shown below.

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