Student Employee Email FAQ

Email FAQ for University of Washington Bothell
Student Employees


Who is affected by this email migration?
UW Bothell's email migration to Microsoft's Office 365 Exchange Online will affect all student employees of the University of Washington. It will not affect the email of students who are not employees of the University of Washington.

What email will I be using for work?
All student employees will use their UW email address as their primary work email.

What will happen to my UWB email?
If you were a student employee before December 1, 2014, you most likely had a UWB email address. If you did have a UWB email address, your UWB email address will be forwarded to your UW email address for the next 1-2 years. If you began your employment after December 1, 2014, there is a good chance you were not given a UWB email address.

What happens to all the UW email in my other inbox (such as Alpine Deskmail or Gmail)?
If you had your UW email delivered to inboxes other than your UWB inbox, those email messages will not be migrated automatically to your new Exchange Online email inbox. They will stay in those inboxes. You will retain access to those inboxes and are able to view all old email in your Gmail account or Alpine Deskmail. However, UW IT has said that they plan on decommissioning Alpine Deskmail.

How can I keep my inbox organized so that my work and personal/school email are separated?
The easiest way to keep your inbox organized is by creating Folder Rules. What this will do is automatically filter your email as it comes into your inbox. For example, if you are taking a physics class this quarter and you anticipate that your professor will be emailing you, you can create a new folder called "Physics" and then create a Rule that will put all emails from that professor into this new folder. Another idea is to create a rule that will force NBall emails to go directly into a specific folder to help de-clutter your inbox. For more information on creating folder rules, click here.

What is a public records request?
As state employees, our work is subject to public record. This means someone can request to view our work and/or email. Public records requests must be reviewed and approved by such outside agencies as the General Attorney's Office. It is not as easy as someone simply asking to view your work email. If you, a student employee, were to be involved with a public records request involving your email, all of your personal email would be redacted (removed) as your personal email is NOT subject to public record. Only your work email pertaining to the request could be viewed by the requester. More information is available on the UW's Public Records Request website should you need more clarification.

Can I change where my UW email is received?
Currently, you do not have the option to change where your UW email is delivered. That may change in the next year or two as the University of Washington makes Office 365 Exchange Online available to the public.

Do I still have access to Google Apps such as Google Docs or Google Sites?
Yes, you still have access to all Google Apps, This email migration will not affect your ability to access Google Apps.

How can I access my email from home?
You can access your email from home by either configuring your new UW email within Outlook on your personal computer or by using a web browser. You can login to with your UW NetID credentials from any device with internet connection. You can also add your UW email to your mobile devices.