Adding a Resource Mailbox in Outlook 2010 (PC)

Please follow these instructions if you and your resource mailbox have migrated to the new email system.

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Outlook 2010

1) Open Outlook 2010. In the top-left corner is the "File" button. Click this button.



2) In the "Info" section, click on "Add Account".


3) In the window that appears, please enter in the following information:

Your Name: (enter your full name here)
E-mail Address: (enter the email address of your new resource mailbox here)
Password: (enter the password of the new resource mailbox here, the admin of the resource mailbox will have this password)
Retype Password: (re-enter the password of the new resource mailbox)


Click on "Next" once you've entered your information.


4) The following screen should appear, assuming configuration was completed successfully. Click on "Finish".


5) This message will appear. Click "OK" and then close Outlook 2010. Re-open Outlook 2010 once it has been completely closed.


You may be prompted to login again. If you are, please be sure to enter the full email address of the resource mailbox and the password for the resource mailbox.

6) Below your main mailbox you should see your desired resource mailbox. We used for this example.