Creating a New Outlook Profile for PC

How to create a new profile for PC

You will need to create a new profile in order for your new Exchange Online account to connect to Outlook on your PC desktop. Creating a new profile is different than "adding an account" in Outlook for PC. Please be sure you are creating a new profile by following the instructions below. This documentation applies to all versions of Outlook for PC.

The steps for Mac users are different and can be found on our Adding UW Mail to a Mac page.

Please do not create a new profile until AFTER your email has completed its migration. You can verify that your account has migrated by logging into with your UW credentials. If you see all of your email has populated, then you have successfully migrated.

  • Close Outlook
  • From the Start Menu on your desktop, click Control Panel

  • In the Control Panel search box, type Mail

  • Double-click the Mail icon

  • Click Show Profiles


  • Click Add to create a new profile

  • Type a name for the profile. You can choose any name you like, for example, UW Email

  • Click OK
  • In the Auto Account Setup screen, it will automatically input your UWB email address. Delete the UWB email address and enter your full UW NetID email address in the format of (replace "yournetid" with your actual netid). Password fields will appear and then you can type your UW NetID password. Please do NOT select "Manual setup or additional server types"

  • If prompted, enter your NetID account password. Do not select Text Messaging (SMS) or Manually configure server settings. 

NOTE: You may also see a pop up asking you to allow your information to be sent to an autodiscover server. This is expected behavior. Please click Allow. If you do not see this pop up, that's ok too, continue on to the next step.

  • Click Next and Outlook will being searching for your server settings. If you are prompted to log in, enter your UW NetID email address and password

  • When Outlook completes the account configuration, click Finish

  • From the dropdown menu in the Mail Profiles window, click the name of your new UW profile

  • UWB IT recommends you select "Always use this profile" and then select your UW email from the drop down list at the bottom of the window. Click OK.

  • Launch Outlook to connect to your UW Exchange Online account using the new profile. If it asks you to login again, please do so using your full UW email address and password.
  • It may take Outlook a few minutes to populate your inbox with your email.
  • After you create the new UW email profile, you can delete any previous profiles such as your UWB profile or a previously added UW profile. 

To remove a preexisting profile:

  1. Exit Outlook
  2. In the Control Panel, double-click Mail. You may need to search for it in the upper right hand search field
  3. Click Show Profile
  4. Select the profile you wish to delete
  5. Click Remove