OWA - Scheduling a Meeting in a Conference Room

Scheduling a Meeting in Conference Room through the Outlook Web App

  1. To begin, in a web browser enter the address outlook.com/uw.edu
    • A page will display requesting your UW NetID credentials; enter your UW NetID username and password into the corresponding fields
  1. Once the web application is open, click on the “waffle” grid in the top left corner of the page.

  1. Once that has been clicked, a “drop-down” bar will appear; select Calendar. If you'd like to have your calendar and email open at the same time, you can right-click on Calendar and select Open Link in New Tab.

  1. From that page, select the + New underneath the original waffle grid.

  1. When you click on that tab, a new page will open. At the top of the page will be three options: Save, Discard, and Scheduling Assistant. Click on Scheduling Assistant.

  1. When the new page opens, there will be the three field options. In the Attendees field bar type in uwb. (be sure to include the period) – a drop down menu will appear listing all of the conference rooms on campus and you can select the desired room from that list.

  1. You can also search for people to add to your meeting invite by searching for their names in the same Attendees field.
  1. Once you have selected the date and time of your desired conference room reservation, click Ok. The page will close, but the original scheduling page will still be open. Click Save and the appointment will be finalized.