Preparing for the Email Migration

UW Bothell is moving email to Exchange Online (a compontent of Office 365). Below you will find information on how to ready yourself for the upcoming email migration and what to expect on the day of your migration. Please read this page thoroughly and don't hesitate to contact the UWB IT helpdesk with questions.

Don't have time to make it to an info session? Please review the PowerPoint link below for crucial email migration information.

View the Office 365 Email Migration Info Session PowerPoint

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Topics on this page:


What's happening?

  • The University of Washington Bothell email is moving to UW Exchange Online (which is a part of Office 365).
  • What this means is all UW Bothell employees will begin using their UW email address ( instead of their UWB email address (
  • UWB email will forward to UW account for the next couple of years
  • Faculty will have the option of forwarding the UWB email indefinitely due to the nature of published research and academic materials


General timeline of email migration

  • Week of March 16th  - ASUWB, Advancement & External Relations, Student Affairs
  • Week of March 23rd - Academic Affairs, Administration & Planning, Facility Services, Office of Research, Office of the Chancellor, Security and Campus Safety
  • Week of April 6th – CUSP, General Faculty Organization, School of STEM, School of Nursing & Health Studies, School of Educational Studies
  • Week of April 20th - School of Business, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences


What's going to be different after the email migration?

  • We will be using our UW email address instead of our UWB email address for email communication.
  • We will be using the expansive UW directory as our Outlook address book.
  • Users will now be able to access their email online by visiting and entering in their UW credentials.
  • We will no longer be utilizing Public Folders as a means of scheduling conference rooms or as shared calendars. We will, instead, be using the existing room resources and calendars within Office 365.


Outlook features that will move with you when your email migrates?

  • All email in your UWB inbox
  • Email folders
  • Contacts
  • Calendar items
  • Tasks
  • The ability to use the desktop version of Outlook
  • Email signatures
  • Quick parts templates
  • Archived emails
  • Email Folder Rules
  • Calendar Color Coding


What are we unable to migrate automatically and will need to be added again?

  • Delegate access
  • RSS feeds
  • Resource mailboxes (we will migrate all resource mailboxes to Exchange Online but you will have to readd them to your Outlook after you migrated)
  • Shared Calendars (calendar permissions will migrate, but the calendar itself will need to be readded)
  • Notes
  • Email from other inboxes such as UW Deskmail and Gmail


Homework to Prepare you for the Migration

  • As we are unable to migrate everything automatically, we are asking that you make a list of the following features you'd like to reconnect to after your email migration. Please be sure to save this information somwhere you can easily find again!
  • We are asking that you please remove the "/" (forward slash) symbol from any email folder names - the forward slash is read as a command instead of a symbol and any folder title with a forward slash will create a subfolder. For example, if you have a folder named Coworkers/John Doe, after you migrate, you will have a folder titled "Coworkers" with a subfolder inside of it called "John Doe". No data will be lost, but it can cause some confussion.
  • Notes
  • Shared Calendars
  • Resource mailboxes
  • RSS feeds
  • Delegate access
  • As we will all be using the expanisve UW directory as our primary address book in Outlook, it is recommended you make a few adjustments to the way your information is displayed in the UW directory. This change will allow others to find your information more easily. Changes to the way your name is displayed can be made through your Employee Self Service (ESS) site, within the "Address" tab. For furthur instructions on this process, please visit our "Updating UW Directory" instructional webpage.

What to expect on Migration Day

  • At 8am on migration day, your UWB email mailbox will stop receiving new emails. Email being sent to your UWB email address will be automatically forwarded on to your UW email inbox (you do not need to adjust your forwarding settings at all). Your UW email address will be your primary work address from this point on.
  • This also means you should stop sending email from your UWB account. Send all email from your new UW Exchange Online account.
  • Please continue to login to your computer with your UWB credentials
  • If you are in a hurry or home sick on your migration day, you can access your email instantly at 8am via the web:
  • Once your account has migrated, if you have Outlook already open, it may tell you something is wrong. You may see this message:


  • This is normal. Just click "OK" and Outlook will automatically close. If it does not automatically close, please close it by clicking the red "X" in the top right hand corner.
  • If you did not already have Outlook open, please do not open Outlook.
  • If you do not see this dialog box at 8am, please close Outlook anyway.
  • The next step is to create a new Outlook profile for your UW email account on each PC computer you use (desktops and laptops) BEFORE reoppening Outlook. Please note that you should not create a new profile before your migration is complete. If you do, it will result in an error.
  • We want to emphasize that creating a new profile is different from adding an account on a PC. When you add an account, you will see both inboxes in Outlook. This can be incredibly confusing. When you create a new Profile you will only see your UW email. This will kee you from sending email from your UWB email account.
  • When using a Mac, you will be adding a new account as profiles do not exist in Outlook for Mac.
  • After you have createed your new profile (or new account for Macs), you can open Outlook.
  • You will be prompted to login again. Please login with your full UW email address (example: and password. Do not login with your UWB credentials.
  • Please note that it may take a few minutes for your inbox to completely populate with your email.
  • You can expect email to be a little funky the first day as all of your email is uploaded to Outlook over the next few hours.

Action to take after your email has migrated

  • You can delete your UWB email profile after you've created your UW profile. You can still access any information located in your UWB mailbox by logging on to with your UWB credentials.
  • This would be the time to locate your homework (the list you wrote down of features you had connected to your UWB email profile such as shared calendars, delegate access, resource mailboxes, etc.). Reconfigure your Outlook with any of the features you previously had and would like to have again. For instructions on how to reconfigure these features, please visit our tutorials page.
  • If you included your UWB email address in your email signature(s), this would be a good time to update your signature(s) with your UW email address.
  • If you have archived emails, they will not automatically reconnect to your inbox. You must manually reconnect archived email. Please note that archived email is saved locally to your machine and is only available on the machine the archived emails are saved on. If you would like to have your archived emails available on multiple computers and on the Outlook Web App, you must import your archived emails back into your inbox. With our larger 50 GB inboxes, you can store your archived email in your inbox.
  • You may also configure your UW email accounts on any mobile devices you may have (phone, tablets). We have documentation on how to add your UW email accounts to your iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Once you've added your UW email address, you can delete your UWB accounts from your mobile devices.


Contact UWB IT with further questions!
phone: (425)-352-3456
in person: LB2-218