Horizon Report

UW Bothell Horizon Report

The goal of this project is to provide a concise report to UW Bothell recommending the basic back-end infrastructure, or tools, that will help develop the underpinnings necessary to support increased hybrid learning over the next 3 to 5 years. This infrastructure, developed thoughtfully, strategically, in the right order and with the right investment, must be planned and executed well ahead of time in order to enable programs and academic support units such as Learning Technologies, the Teaching and Learning Center, and the Campus Library to build services in support of hybrid learning.

Since technologies and practices continually change, this report is intended to act as a starting point and include recommendations for regular review, revision, and continued strategic alignment.

Technology list

We have assembled a list of some of the technologies we believe could potentially be important for UW Bothell faculty in the near and long term. Please keep in mind that our final report may not include everything below and may include tools we haven't yet thought about, based on your feedback. Please take a look below at some of the topics we plan to research:

Real-time online webinar/conferencing software

Webex and Adobe Connect are two examples of this type of software. This might be used for an online, real-time online lecture or for online conferencing with an individual student or a group of students.

Virtual Labs

This is a complex technology, which we can explain in more detail. In short, it allows students and instructors to access a campus computer from home over the Internet. This is important because, for example, it could enable students to gain access to software that is too expensive for them to purchase for their own computer.

Collaborative file sharing

This would be like our current campus file storage area, but with more functionality for sharing and collaborating.

Lecture Capture

UW recently purchased Tegrity as our lecture capture software, but we still want to plan for how Lecture Capture tools integrate with other technologies in the future.

Quiz/testing software

This could be software installed in physical labs on campus or installed in a "virtual lab" for distance access.

Learning Management System

Currently, we use Blackboard, but we expect that we will evaluate other LMS solutions in the next few years. Other current options are Canvas and Catalyst Tools.

ePortfolio software

Currently, we use Google Sites. However, there are software platforms that are designed specifically for eportfolios and would be better for individual student assessment and evaluation and program-level assessment.

Learning Analytics

This is software that tracks student behavior in online settings (usually in an LMS) and collects data on this behavior. This data can be used, for example, to make sure students are engaging the material in a way that is conducive to learning, and it can alert instructors and programs when a student might be disengaging from their studies and allow them to take swift action to remedy the situation.

Collaborative Online Annotation

Check out http://www.diigo.com/ and watch the video on this page to learn about Diigo, which is one example of what we mean by collaborative online annotation

Social networking/social learning

This would be social networking software that would connect students and faculty in an online environment and enable formal and informal conversations and connections. This could potentially be connected with, or be an integral part of, a learning management system.

Mobile learning

Use of mobile devices by students and faculty in learning and teaching.

Strategic alignment: Our work is intended to provide the technical underpinnings needed to support the strategic goals outlined in the Hybrid Learning Task Force Report from last year. Give it a read!