Creating Value

Scale, improve, & contain costs

Scale IT services and infrastructure while improving quality and containing costs.

Objective Initiative

Implement cloud-first IT service sourcing strategy. 

Migrate campus mail to Office 365.
Identify sourcing for file management and migrate services.
Implement strategy for IaaS in the cloud and migrate appropriate services.

Support sustainable growth

Support the UW Bothell campus sustainable growth plan.

Objective Initiative

Support the campus enrollment plan by coordinating and monitoring admissions across all schools and programs.

Replace the campus admissions management CRM system.

Represent UW Bothell as a campus of choice with a stellar campus web presence.

Implement responsive design for the UW Bothell website

Support the UW Bothell comprehensive campaign by aligning IT systems and services.

Perform needs assessment with Seattle and Bothell Advancement to identify IT resources and needs for the campaign.
Align IT event support  services with campaign needs on campus. 

Improve campus decisions and investments with data and analytics. 

Implement data connect service (ETL).
Provide data integration for advising analytics (EAB-SSC).
Implement School of Educational Studies Data Reporting and Analysis system.
Offer professional development for existing data management and analysis tools.
Improve planning for academic programs with dashboards and analytics (course costs, instructor assignments, credit hour production, etc).
Better manage campus contracts and agreements by implementing a workflow and database.

Improve efficiency & process

Improve efficiency for staff by improving business process and administrative IT systems. 

Objective Initiative

Improve internal campus information and workflow management.

Transition business critical manual workflows to digital (hiring, faculty appointment, travel, etc).
Implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution following a campus needs assessment.

Improve efficiency by providing professional development across campus.

Deliver staff training LMS.
Provide online training for IT tools at UW Bothell.