Access & Achievement

Expand educational opportunities

Expand educational opportunities in Washington State by developing programs in different modalities

Objective  Initiative

Support schools in the design and launch of eLearning programs.

Improve eLearning strategy and design by providing evidenc-based research.
Discover and clarify policies and procedures that impact eLearning at UWB, including curriculum development, funding, partnerships, and transcripts.
Enhance program development support to schools by providing faculty grants, symposia, and consultation services at the program level.
Expand Instructional Design services for eLearning.
Build registration portal for UWB hybrid/online courses for the campus website.
Assist schools in designing online programs based on campus strategic priorities.

Enhance digital learning experiences across all UW Bothell activities by extending capabilities developed for eLearning programs. 

Develop eLearning tools for faculty and students by using existing technologies and services.
Academic Continuity: Enable instruction to continue in other modes in case campus operations are disrupted long-term.

Support teaching, learning, & research

Support teaching, learning, and research through research-based learning science undergirded by principles of universal design, active learning, and outcomes assessment.

Objective  Initiative

Promote learning in a variety of delivery modes.

Enable increased active learning on campus by working with faculty to reconfigure learning spaces. 

Enable universal design in the curriculum by providing supporting services for instructors.

Implement a faculty development program for universal design and accessibility.
Provide templates showcasing accessible design across teaching and learning platforms.

Assist with faculty achievement by supporting faculty promotion and scholarship.

Dedicate IT staff to technical support for faculty research.
Implement faculty promotion and tenure system (Interfolio).

Enhance the student experience

Enhance the student experience by supporting co-curricular programming and digital engagement. 

Objective Initiative

Improve student collaboration, access, and engagement with campus spaces and activities.

Provide online tool to help students locate study spaces (SpaceScout).
Create system for students to view real-time computer availability.
Implement transaction system for Activities and Recreation Center (ARC).
Implement virtual software hosting to allow students to access critical software from anywhere.
Improve wireless internet services for Husky Village.

Enable reporting, achievement, and assessment in the co-curricular experience.

Create support and infrastructure to offer digital micro-credentails, such as digital badges.