Strategy and Governance

Strategic Plan

IT Strategic Plan 2015-2019

The University of Washington Bothell has developed an IT Strategic Plan to support and enable the UW Bothell mission and campus strategic plan. The IT strategic plan is designed to promote access and achievement, deliver value, and provide transformative IT. The IT strategic plan ensure its members get the maximum benefit from IT – whether in research, teaching and learning, or administration.
The IT Strategic Plan is developed with guidance from the Technology Advisory Committee and approved by our Chancellor and Vice Chancellors. 
We contribute to, develop and implement the strategies, policies and governance that are fundamental to successful delivery of world-class IT to the University of Washington Bothell.

Overview of Strategies

Access and Achievement Creating Value Transformative IT
Expand educational opportunities in Washington State by developing programs in different modalities. Scale IT services and infrastructure while improving quality and containing costs. Champion diversity through IT services and team building.
Support teaching, learning, and research through research-based learning science undergirded by principles of universal design, active learning, and outcomes assessment. Support the UW Bothell campus sustainable growth plan.  Continue to improve the campus experience with IT services. 
Enhance the student experience by supporting co-curricular programming and digital engagement.  Improve efficiency for staff by improving business process and administrative IT systems. Implement a framework for managing IT security, risk, and privacy issues. 

IT Investment Plan

The IT Investment Plan sets out a major investment portfolio for IT on a three-year rolling basis up to 2019. It aims to provide UW Bothell with the IT services and infrastructure required by a world-class university, and with a plan for development and innovation that keeps us at the forefront of IT provision in the global Higher Education sector.

Governance & Assurance

The governance of IT in the University comes under the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC), which advises to the Office of Chief Information Officer. TAC is comprised of leaders from all sectors at UW Bothell and includes representation from UW-IT at the UW system level. TAC provides guidance to produce and prioritize IT strategy and manage change on the IT strategic plan. TAC is organized into five subcommittees based around the major activities in the University. These subcommittees and related portfolios include: Teaching, Learning and Research, Student Experience, Administration, Advancement, and IT Infrastructure. 

Strategic Planning