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Your Next Steps...

Congratulations on your admission to UW Bothell! The following is a helpful guide as your prepare to begin your bachelors or graduate studies with us. Please review each item carefully, and contact the appropriate office for assistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions are Answered!
Our "How Do I...?" Guide provides contact information to help you get connected to the appropriate resources on campus that address incoming students' most commonly asked questions.

Before You Arrive to UW Bothell:

1. Pay your $100 Admission Confirmation Fee

To confirm your plan to attend UW Bothell, you must complete the Admission Confirmation Form and email it to UW Bothell's Registrars Office at

Graduate Students: Please contact your department for information about your specific Admission Confirmation fee and process.*

2. To Receive your UW Bothell I-20, Submit Your I-20 Request Form and Supporting Documents to CIE.

3. Sign-up for Advising & Orientation (Attendance is Required)

You must sign-up online to attend a specific Advising & Orientation, as there are various dates available. Students will not be able to register for classes before their Advising & Orientation date. International students that are arriving into the U.S. on an initial I-20 can enter the U.S. up to 30 days before their program start date, so plan accordingly. Students are strongly advised to sign-up for an Orientation date before booking their travel. Questions? Contact

Graduate Students: Please contact your department for information about your specific Orientation.

4. Sign-up to Attend Your Immigration Orientation (Attendance is Required)

5. Submit the Measles Immunity Vaccine Form

All new students must submit this information before they can register for classes. You must complete all of the requirements at least one week BEFORE your University & Advising Orientation, so that you can register for your classes at Orientation.

It is OK if your medical documents are not in English. You do not need to have the documents translated, but you must make a note on the document that indicates the Measles Vaccine and the two dates that you received this vaccine. The Vaccine Form and supporting documents must be submitted to the Registrars Office at

6. Confirm Your Housing Accommodations  Click here for details.

7. Review our helpful Pre-Arrival Handbook for International Students

8. Plan Your Arrival to Bothell
When confirming your travel dates, you must arrive to UW Bothell so that you can attend your University Orientation, F1 Immigration Orientation and the On-Campus Housing Move-in Day (if you have been offered to live on-campus) Click here for details.

9. Sign-up to Attend Convocation (Undergraduate Students Only; Fall Quarter only)

All new undergraduate students (and their family members) are encouraged to attend the Fall 2015 Convocation, which will be held on Sunday, September 27. The Convocation is an event that welcomes new students to UW Bothell and celebrates your beginning at UW Bothell. Students must register online to attend.

10. Plan to attend iSTART Sessions

These sessions are aimed to help international students new to campus and the Bothell area.

11. If you are a Freshman (first year student), visit the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about course registration and other helpful information.

12. Get Connected to your fellow international students at UW Bothell! Join our Center for International Educations' Facebook page.

13. Attend a Pre-Departure Orientation in Your Home Country (if available)

After You Arrive to UW Bothell:

1. Attend Your University Advising & Orientation & Your Immigration Orientation (attendance is mandatory for both Orientations)

2. Purchase the UW International Student Health Insurance Plan (ISHIP)

Enrollment in UW's International Student Health Insurance Plan (ISHIP) is part of your course enrollment process in the MyUW system. The health insurance fee will be added to your tuition statement, which is due by the 3rd Friday of the quarter. Visit our helpful "Using Your Health Insurance" to learn more about the ISHIP plan.

3. Register for Academic Transition for Int'l Students Course (BCUSP 100) 

As an international student new to the United States education system, you are required to enroll in our BCUSP 100 Course – Academic Transition for International Students – during your first quarter at UW Bothell. You will register for courses during your University Advising & Orientation. This is a 2 credit course designed to help you acclimate to studying in the United States, identify campus resources, understand the U.S. education system, and develop critical thinking skills.