Meet the Board

Board Members Will:

  • Represent the voice of the international student community at UWB.
  • Act as an accessible and visible resource for the international student community.
  • Create a supportive intercultural learning community among international students and domestic students.
  • Present the need of international students to the campus community.
  • Perform as community leaders to encourage open discussions, collect feedbacks, advocate for the needs, and enhance the visibility of the international student body.

Responsibilities of ISAB Board Members:

  • Participate on-campus international events.
  • Attend monthly ISAB meetings based on schedule.
  • Collaborate to hold at least 1 forum a year to discuss international community issues for possible solutions.

Membership Disciplines:

  • More than two unexcused absences from regularly scheduled ISAB meetings are grounds for dismissal.
  • Board membership is valid for one academic year but could be renewable upon the agreement from the Director of the Center for International Education.


  • The ISAB board members work in teams to focus on different areas of support and advocacy for international students.