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Definition of Employment and Volunteering

“Employment” is any work performed or services provided in exchange for money, compensation or other benefits.

"Volunteering" is defined as something you do for altruistic pleasure, like helping at a charity event for the afternoon. Learn about current volunteer opportunities from UWB's Community-Based Learning & Research Office

UW Bothell Career Center

UW Bothell's Career Center offers students advice and help on:

  • How to Find Internships & Jobs
  • How to Prepare Your Resumes & Cover Letters
  • Practice Interviewing for Internships & Jobs
  • What Kind of Career You Can Have with Your Major
  • And much more!

Legal & Illegal Interview Questions

Do I have to tell them that I am an international student? What questions will an employer ask me? We encourage you to review Career Center's helpful Legal & Illegal Interview Questions resource to understand your rights on what information you do and don't need to provide a prospective employer.

Distinctive Skill Sets as an International Student 

You have more than just your education and language skills to share! Your experience of studying in the U.S. has allowed you to develop a skill set that is highly sought after by employers, such as: international perspective, self-confidence, ability to cope with ambiguous situations, adaptable, learns quickly and tolerance for other opinions.