The Internet of Things (IoT) Grant Rules


The Internet of Things (IoT) Grant Evaluation Criteria

We will weigh the anticipated impact of your project based upon our sense of the likelihood for your project to exert a sustained and powerful influence on you, on UW Bothell, and on your community.  

To do so, we will consider the following individual core review criteria. 

(1) Significance.  We seek projects that work towards the solution of important problems, where ‘importance’ translates to ‘meaningful and practical’ relative to the needs and standards of you, of UW Bothell, and of your community.  This means your project should fall into the category of ‘applied’ or ‘translational’ projects, rather than addressing an entirely theoretical issue. Of particular interest are projects that can make appreciable advances towards a solution to a meaningful and practical problem posed by your project and/or remove a critical barrier to progress towards a solution to a meaningful and practical problem.

(2) Participants.  The qualifications of the people involved in the project (from both inside UWB and potentially from the outside) must have relevance to the project needs. 

(3) Innovation.  The proposed work should make use where possible of novel concepts, methodologies and/or instrumentation relative to the state of the art.

(4) Approach. The overall strategy, methods and/or analysis techniques should have direct relevance (focused; elegant; well-reasoned) to the necessarily applied goals of the study.  Also, the project must involve use of at least one, preferably several deployable sensors (audio; visual; environmental; etcetera) and make use of Azure, the Microsoft cloud.  The project should involve at least one other Microsoft product, such as the Kinect, Windows 10, Visual Studio, among other products.  Especially welcome are projects that use Azure-based analytics.

Evaluation Committee:

  • Colin Kwong (MS)
  • Prasantha Jayakody (MS)
  • Pierre D Mourad, PhD (UWB)
  • Yang Peng, PhD (UWB)
  • David Socha, PhD (UWB)
  • Claire Fraczek PhD (UWB)
  • Ivan Owen (UWB)
  • Jonathan Cluts (UWB)