Have you all had a chance to check out the new Makerspace layout and tools?


We have made some awesome improvements this quarter and would love it for you all to check it out. We also want to make sure that this new equipment is well maintained and that you all are comfortable with basic operations. To do this, we will be implementing a training system so all current and future users can be comfortable using the machinery. All users will be doing a basic safety training, followed up by specialized training for whatever machines they wish to use. If you aren’t able to come to trainings at the beginning of the quarter , don’t worry, because we will be offering trainings all quarter long!

Once you have completed your desired trainings you are ready to come in during operating hours, and work on whatever project you wish. Staff will be present during these hours as well, incase you have any basic questions of problems with machines. Details for these trainings will be posted in the coming weeks.