Council Seats

Voting Members

The Council should be representative of each undergraduate major offered in the School of IAS. IAS majors with enrollment of greater than 100 students have the option of filling two representative seats.

As of Winter 2019, the following undergraduate seats are constituted within the IASUSC.

One undergraduate representative from the following majors:

  • American & Ethnic Studies
  • Culture, Literature & the Arts
  • Environmental Science
  • Environmental Studies
  • Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies
  • Global Studies
  • Interdisciplinary Arts
  • Interactive Media Design
  • Mathematical Thinking & Visualization
  • Science, Technology & Society

Due to size, the following majors may have two undergraduate representatives:

  • Community Psychology
  • Law, Economics & Public Policy
  • Media & Communication Studies
  • Society, Ethics & Human Behavior

IAS students may not serve as representatives for more than one major during a given term.

Council Members may serve as ambassadors or in other leadership roles organized through specific majors (e.g. the GWSS major ambassador may also apply to serve as the GWSS Council Member).  

Minors offered through the School of IAS do not have representative seats on the Council because students in these programs may have majors in other Schools. The Individualized Study major does not have a representative seat due to the personalized nature of this academic program.

Council Advisor

The Council Advisor is a faculty or professional staff member working in the School of IAS, and is a non-voting member of the IASUSC.

Generally, the IASUSC Advisor will assist in guiding the Council’s development to allow for a constructive and purposeful Council.

Other duties of the IASUSC Advisor include:

  • Attend all required meetings of the Council, listen to Council Member discussions, and respond in meaningful ways to any concerns;

  • Oversee the professional development of the Council; hold one-on-one meetings with the IASUSC Chair; and be available for mentoring as needed to all IASUSC members;

  • Communicate with the Council on an ongoing basis, and assist in planning and organizing events;

  • Facilitate applications and appointments to the Council and ensure eligibility of all candidates and Council Members;

  • Build cooperative working relationships between Council Members and the School of IAS, and serve as the Council liaison in relevant IAS meetings as appropriate;

  • Organize the recognition of Council members and promote a culture in the School of IAS that acknowledges the valuable input provided by the IASUSC into the development of the School;

  • Assist the Council in promoting the interests of the School, representing IAS students, and improving student life within the IAS community.

Contact your Council!

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