Grad School

Interested in a Graduate Degree?

The undergraduate degrees offered in IAS prepare students for a wide variety of graduate programs.  If you think you might be interested in graduate school, start planning now.  The first step is to talk with your IAS faculty and IAS Advisors.

Here are a few tips from IAS faculty about preparing for, researching, and applying to graduate school to get you started and keep you motivated.


  • Keep copies of your best writing and research samples (whether scholarly or creative).
  • Be involved in undergraduate research with professors and peers; do presentations at conferences and publications; join associations.

Researching Programs & Identifying Programs of Interest

  • Start early on your research and application process, preferably the spring of the year before you plan to apply.  For example, if you are interested in starting graduate school in fall 2017, you will need to think seriously about compiling your application materials in spring 2016.
  • Talk with family and significant others.
  • Apply to a variety of schools.
  • Do a campus visit, if possible; talk to current graduate students; contact graduate advisors with questions.
  • Check out the statistics and other information on career pathways after you finish graduate school.
  • Do what you love!

Law School

Students applying to Law School are encouraged to seek the advice of the IAS Faculty who have professional legal training (law degrees), connect with the Law Society at UW Bothell and review the UW Bothell law school information page. Additional pre-law resources and information can be found on the Pre-Law pages at UW Seattle.

Medical Programs

Students applying to a professional health related graduate program (medicine, physical therapy, etc.) are highly encouraged to review the UW Bothell Pre-Health Advising website and schedule advising appointments with the UW Bothell Pre-Health Advisor. 

The Application Process

The Personal Statement/Statement of Purpose

  • Write the best personal statement that you can; it must be error-free, engaging, and program specific.
  • Keep copies of your best writing and research samples (whether scholarly or creative).

Letters of Recommendation

  • Talk with your professors about writing recommendations for you. Take advantage of their graduate school networks since they know the inside scoop about many programs that might otherwise seem similar. 
  • Stay in touch with those faculty members down the road.

Admissions Interview

  • Be able to translate the learning you have accomplished in your degree for admissions committees.  It will be important for you to explain why the program to which you are applying builds on what you have done. 

Scholarship and Funding Sources

Take advantage of the resources available as you take the next step to your graduate or professional education!

IAS Grad Programs

Resources at UW Bothell 

Resources at UW Seattle