Past Whiteley Center Grantees

The School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences provides funding for IAS faculty and staff to pursue research and creative projects at the Whiteley Center.  This funding is not necessarily intended to support formal collaboration, although we are pleased to support the kind of interdisciplinary exchange that inevitably happens as they travel to Friday Harbor and share meals together.

Writing/Creation Workshops


Thursday, November 1-November 4, 2018

  • Jason H. Morse, Promiscuous Contexts: The ‘Erotic Confusion’ around the Black Rapist Stereotype in James Baldwin’s Another Country”
  • Abraham Avnisan, Specters of Home
  • Jade Power Sotomayor,Code-switching Bodies Onstage: Spanglish and its Discontents


Thursday, April 18-April 21, 2019

  • Abraham Avnisan, Sin Sol
  • Karisa Butler-Wall, Feeling Healthy: Media and the Affective Governance of Gender, Sexuality, and Disability
  • Minda Martin, Creative Writing for Immersive Media Project
  • Sara Maxwell, Managing Dynamic Oceans in a Changing Climate


Thursday, November 2-November 5, 2017

  • Lauren Berliner, Feminist Interventions in Participatory Media
  • Karam Dana, Transnational Palestine
  • Lauren Lichty, Conceptualizing “campus as community" in CBLR
  • Minda Martin, Seattle Freeway Revolt Voiceover
  • Ron Krabill, Feminist Interventions in Participatory Media
  • Amoshaun Toft, Conceptualizing “campus as community" in CBLR


Thursday, April 19-Sunday April 22, 2017

  •  Naomi Bragin, Black Power of Hip Hop Dance
  • Julie Shayne, The Benefits of Team-teaching: Innovative Pedagogy, Institution Building, and Student Retention
  • Jennifer Atkinson, The Benefits of Team-teaching: Innovative Pedagogy, Institution Building, and Student Retention
  • Abraham Avnisan, Collocations
  • Jose Fuste, Transcolonial Relational Praxis: Rethinking Decolonial Approaches to Circumventing Sovereignty
  • Maryam Griffin, The People on the Bus: Mobility, Communality, and Decolonization
  • Yolanda Padilla, Saints, Artists, and Vile Politics


Thursday, April 20-Sunday, April 23, 2017

  • Alice Pedersen,  Lecturer, Risk, Roles, Reflection in Embodied Learning
  • Shannon Cram, Assistant Professor, Accounting for Nuclear Life
  • Kristin Gustafson, Lecturer, Roles, Reflection in Embodied Learning
  • Minda Martin, Seattle Freeway Revolt Voiceover
  • Adam Romero, Manufacturing Petro Toxicity
  • Naomi Bragin, Black Power of Hip Hop Dance: On Kinesthetic Politics
  • Karam Dana, Transnational Palestine (book manuscript)


Thursday, April 21-Sunday, April 24, 2016

  • micha cárdenas, Assistant Professor: "Shifting Poetics; Trans of Color Movement in Digital Media"
  • Charlie Collins, Assistant Professor: "The Influence of Inequality on Individual-Level Processes: Citizenship in the Context of Inequality"
  • Kristy Leissle, Lecturer:"Cocoa"
  • Robert Trumbull, Lecturer: "Life-death: Derrida and Psychoanalysis"
  • Jane Wong, PIP Teaching Fellow: "Questions for the Dead: A Poetry Project"


Thursday 30 October to Sunday 2 November 2014

  • David Goldstein, Senior Lecturer: chapter examining how simple classroom simulations like Barnga can initiate the critical analysis of structural discrimination as well as empathic understanding for those who struggle with it, transforming classrooms and campuses
  • Kristin Gustafson, Lecturer: chapter about a pan-Asian, Pacific Northwest newspaper emerging from union activism, within an ethnic enclave, and providing a social movement’s public voice
  • Yolanda Padilla, Assistant Professor: Revolutionary Subjects: The Mexican Revolution and the Transnational Emergence of Mexican American Literature and Culture, 1910-1959 (book proposal)
  • Alice Pedersen, Lecturer: “We Gave and Received Love: Dave Eggers and the Politics of a Global Literature” (article)

Thursday 20 November to Sunday 23 November 2014

  • S. Charusheela, Associate Professor: “Sexing Economy” (article)
  • Johanna Crane, Assistant Professor: “The Indirect Costs of Global Health” (article)
  • Kristy Leissle, Lecturer: “Becoming ‘artisan’: The discourse of craft in the US chocolate market” (article)
  • Lauren Lichty, Assistant Professor: Reflecting on Empowerment (manuscript)


Thursday 30 April to Sunday 3 May 2015

  • Charlie Collins, Assistant Professor: developing a theoretical manuscript to enhance the understanding of the relationship between civic engagement and collective action
  • Gavin Doyle, Lecturer: chapters of a young ddult fiction novel based on Irish mythology
  • Martha Groom, Professor: work with Susan Waters to focus on next steps in the Urban Pollination Project
  • Georgia Roberts, Lecturer: outlining and drafting dissertation defense
  • Susan Waters, Lecturer: work with Martha Groom to focus on next steps in the Urban Pollination Project

Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 May 2015

  • Robertson Allen, Lecturer: America's Dicital Army: Games at Work and War (manuscript)
  • David Giles, Lecturer: "Eating in Public: Market-Publics and Seattle's Shadow Economies of Waste" (article)
  • Wanda Gregory, Lecturer: the use of games and virtual reality (VR) as a mind-body therapy for cancer patients (paper)
  • Lauren Lichty, Assistant Professor: work on two papers for collaboration and publication
  • Minda Martin, Associate Professor: narration and script for RAMPS TO NOWHERE, an experimental feature documentary on the anti-freeway movement in America


Thursday 24 October to Sunday 27 October 2013

  • Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas, Senior Artists in Residence: Semi Rational (manuscript)
  • Alice Pedersen, Lecturer: manuscript project that excavates a long history of collaborative social justice writing, from Abolitionist texts to Dave Eggers' current work with genocide and hurricane survivors
  • Carrie Lanza, Lecturer: "Truth Plus Publicity: Paul U. Kellogg, Hybrid Practice, and Progressive Era Visual Research Methods, 1907‐1923" (dissertation chapter)


Thursday 10 April to Sunday 13 April 2014

  • Lauren Berliner, Assistant Professor: Making It Better: LGBT Youth and New Pedagogies of Media Production (book prospectus)
  • Janelle Silva, Assistant Professor: "Reading, Writing & Revolution: Becoming critical multicultural citizens in first grade" (article)
  • Charlie Collins, Assistant Professor: critical literature review on coalition effectiveness, examining aspects of relationships examining how relationships within coalitions may contribute to their effectiveness, writing up the results with the aim of publication
  • Ron Krabill, Associate Professor: "The Production of Global Citizens as the Racial Product of Higher Education” (article)

Thursday 22 May to Sunday 25 May 2014 

  • Christian Anderson, Assistant Professor: Piecing it Together: Everyday Life and Precarious Hegemony in the Space of a Gentrifying New York City Street (book manuscript)
  • Dan Berger, Assistant Professor: Captive Nation: Black Prison Organizing in the Civil Rights Era (book manuscript)
  • Karam Dana, Assistant Professor: two articles, the first addressing questions of political culture in Palestine during the British mandate period and the second examining an anti‐colonial popular song (Mawtini Mawtini) in the Arab world
  • Dan Jacoby, Professor: “The University as Hiring Hall” (paper)


  • Ben Gardner, Assistant Professor: "Safari Tourism and the Politics of Global Land Grabbing in Tanzania"
  • David Goldstein, Senior Lecturer: "Toni Morrison’s Secret Drive: How a Nobel Laureate Moves Her Readers"
  • Kristin Gustafson, Lecturer: chapter for a book project that discusses how the International Examiner emerged in the post-Civil Rights era to become the “heartbeat” of Seattle’s International District
  • Gwen Ottinger, Assistant Professor: developing a research proposal for a short-term fellowship at Lemelson Center for Innovation at the Smithsonian


Thursday 11 April to Sunday 14 April 2013                  

  • Ron Krabill, Associate Professor: “U.S. Higher Education and the Production of Global Citizens” (grant proposal) 
  • Susan Harewood, Assistant Professor: Soca Vibes: Learning to Perform the Nation (book manuscript)
  • Ted Hiebert, Assistant Professor: scripting a collaborative performance for the Montreal Sight and Sound festival, and"Pataphysics of Seriousness: Between Nonsense and Error" (conference paper)
  • Georgia Roberts, Lecturer: Who Killed It: Towards a Hip Hop Theory
  • Camille Walsh, Assistant Professor: developing original research and prior presentations into a stand-alone article on Girard College’s desegregation intended for the journal of the History of Education
  • Deborah Caplow, Lecturer: book proposal for University of Texas Press about the photographer Kati Horna (1912 - 2000)