Project title:&Now Conference 
Name of contact: Amaranth Borsuk 
Position/Rank: Associate Director, MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics

Summary: &Now is a biennial conference of innovative writing that brings together practitioners to theorize and present contemporary creative practices that grapple with questions of vital import to the current moment. It emphasizes poetics, focusing on the social, cultural, technological, and aesthetic issues at stake in contemporary writing. In coordination with other UW conference organizers and partners, Amaranth Borsuk is leading the local organization of the 2019 symposium, Points of Convergence.  &Now 2019: Points of Convergence, speaks to our current political landscape in the United States—one of intense division along party lines—and will provide a space for conversations about literary and artistic practices that seek to connect, rather than separate. The opportunity for the University of Washington to host the conference at the Bothell campus will draw attention to the innovative work being done at the University of Washington and in our region, in conversation with the vibrant community of thinkers and writers in the &Now orbit, and to foster interdisciplinary dialogue among faculty and students from across the UW campuses.

Funding awarded: $5, 000