Intersections - Winter 2015

Winter 2015 - Dean's Corner

Welcome to IAS Intersections – our new quarterly newsletter! Last quarter, we asked for suggestions as to what we should call our new publication.  Melissa “Missy” Nielsen – a 2007 graduate of the Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior program – sent in the winning title. Thank you Missy!

Intersections resonated with us for a couple of reasons.  Intersections are places where otherwise separate pathways come into contact.  They are also places where things happen.  IAS is an intersection in both of these senses.  In this inaugural issue of Intersections, you will find faculty initiatives, current student and alumni stories, and spotlighted upcoming events.  The stories collected here demonstrate the impact of learning that connects different fields of study and diverse communities within and beyond campus. Each shows what can and does happen when interdisciplinary scholarship informs and catalyzes engagement across the region and world.

In our faculty feature, Karam Dana leads a workshop for K-12 teachers on how to approach teaching about Muslims, Islam, the Middle East, and gender. Critical to his approach is connecting the pedagogical content of the workshop with the knowledge of local community members by bringing together an intergenerational panel of women from Islamic cultures.

In our current student story, Janelle Davis links debate coaching, academic study, and volunteer teaching as she works towards a Master of Arts in Cultural Studies. Janelle builds on connections she made with incarcerated students and educational non-profits in her IAS coursework to offer a class on public speaking and debate at Monroe Correctional Center, through University Beyond Bars.

In our alumni feature, Stephanie Bickler charts a course to working in international development by drawing on different resources in her IAS undergraduate experience. Stephanie connects her classroom learning with study abroad and social advocacy to create a career path that gives her meaningful work.

Don’t forget to take a peek at our upcoming events: they are a great way to stay connected to IAS’s lively culture of inquiry and engagement.  To keep completely up to date on IAS events open to the public, you can also subscribe to a weekly digest of upcoming events here.

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