Intersections - Spring 2015

Spring 2015 - Dean's Corner

Welcome to the spring 2015 edition of IAS Intersections! In our first issue, we talked about how IAS itself is an intersection – a place designed to make things happen by catalyzing connection and exchange among diverse communities and fields of study.  This issue focuses on one of the key elements of that design: connected learning.

Connected learning refers to education that is linked to the everyday lives and concerns of students, faculty members, and community partners.  IAS's flavor of connected learning focuses on building curricular and co-curricular opportunities for students to move from practice to theory and back again.  Students bring the problems and questions they encounter in their everyday lives to the classroom, using that space to reflect on those experiences and to chart actions steps that can and should come next.

In our student feature on the Social Justice Organizers, you will find a story about how three IAS students have combined their academic interests with social engagement outside of the classroom.  In each case, you will see students who are shaping a leadership role on campus with the intent of making a lasting impact beyond their graduation.

The alumni feature on Kelle Grace Gaddis similarly shows how one of our IAS and MFA graduates connected the creative work she began and the networks she developed in the Creative Writing & Poetics program to set up her own small press.  “I can thank the MFA for the push to move my career forward in a way that I find meaningful,” she concludes her interview with Intersections.

The faculty feature on Ron Krabill and Sarah Dowling focuses on a course they developed and taught in winter 2015 to engage issues sparked by events in Ferguson, Missouri and the #BlackLivesMatter movement.  It is one example of how IAS houses courses and curriculum that respond to the urgencies of the present.

As you enjoy those features, please don’t forget to check out our upcoming events, including the 25th Anniversary of UW Bothell and the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences on Saturday, May 9  and our Distinguished Speaker Lecture by Danielle Egan, “Disgust, Desire and Discomfort: Sexualization and Feminist Discourse” on April 30.  To keep completely up to date on IAS events open to the public, you can also subscribe to a weekly digest of upcoming events here.

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