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Ted Hiebert

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Associate Professor

B.F.A. (Honors), Visual Arts, University of Victoria
M.F.A. Art, University of Calgary
Ph.D. Humanities, Concordia University

Office: UW1-133
Phone: 425-352-3207
Fax: 425-352-5233
Email: thiebert@uw.edu
Website: www.tedhiebert.net
Mailing: Box 358530, 18115 Campus Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011-8246


I believe in the merit of interdisciplinary practice and research -- coupling artistic engagement with the cultivation of critical skills needed for sustainable creative inquiry. I also believe that learning is most effective when related to life outside of the classroom, involving interests that students bring to the discussion, and ideally provoking the development of individual perspectives on course material. In this, my challenge as a teacher is to cultivate an awareness of context, sustainable skill sets and self-directed enthusiasm that will allow for learning within and outside of a classroom environment.


BISIA 250 Photography as Art
BIS 313 Media, Technology and Society
BISIA 319 Interdisciplinary Arts
BISIA 350 Photography and Digital Art
BISIA 401 Literary and Arts Journal
BISIA 450 Image and Imagination
BIS 499 Portfolio Capstone
BCWRIT 512 Art, Technology & Practice


My research practice is multi-faceted, interdisciplinary and often collaborative -- spanning theoretical research, scholarly writing, art criticism, curatorial projects and artistic production in photographic, digital and conceptual genres. My practice is content-driven, using written, visual and organizational methodologies to explore questions of technology, creativity and the imagination.

Selected Publications


Hiebert, T. (2012) In Praise of Nonsense: Aesthetics, Uncertainty and Postmodern Identity. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press.

Selected Articles:

Hiebert, T. (2013). “That Which Burns: a meditation on fire, allegory and competitive telekinesis.” Performance Research, 17(6), 24-31

Hiebert, T. (2012). “The Speed of Broken Light: a meditation on duration and performance.” Performance Research, 17(5), 82-91

Hiebert, T. (2010). “Illuminated Darkness: Nightmares, Blindspots, Biofeedback.” CTheory. 33(2), Available online at: http://www.ctheory.net/articles.aspx?id=635

Hiebert, T. (2008). “Delirious Screens: Flesh Shadows & Cool Technology.” CTheory, 31(2). Available online at: http://www.ctheory.net/articles.aspx?id=592

Selected Recent Exhibitions:

Hybrid Highlights. Museum of Art. Seoul, South Korea. Curated by Art Clay. 2014.

Thru the Trap Door. VIVO Media Arts Centre. Vancouver, Canada. Curated by Paul Wong. 2014

Nightmare Inductions. Center on Contemporary Art. Seattle, WA. Curated by Lynn Schirmer. 2014

TOXICITY. Plug-in Institute of Contemporary Art. Winnipeg, Canada. Curated by Jennifer Willet & Melenti Pandilovski. 2013

Dreams of Teeth. Neutral Ground. Regina, Canada. 2013

Locomotion. Goodman Art Center. Singapore. Curated by Art Clay. 2013

Off The Plain. Place Gallery. Portland, OR. Curated by T.J. Norris. 2013

Hybrids and Other Strange Amalgamations. SAM Gallery. Seattle, WA. Curated by Barbara Shaiman. 2013

Selected Curatorial Projects:

Director/Curator of Noxious Sector Projects, Seattle, WA. Noxious Sector Projects was a window gallery devoted to the presentation of experimental art. 2011-2013. http://www.noxioussector.net/projects

Welcome Back Ye Annunaki. Ted Hiebert and Doug Jarvis, curators. Open Space Artist Run Centre, Victoria, BC. 2012. Featuring the work of: Cindy Baker & Megan Morman, Katie Bethune-Leamen, Marlaina Buch & Ross Macaulay, Roy Green, Robert Gallup & Josh Kopel, Karen Hibbard, Kruno Jost, Serena Kataoka, Robin Kirkpatrick, Kegan McFadden, Mary-Anne McTrowe, Ella Morton, Ryan Park, IO Sound, Shawn Shepherd, Sherry Tompalski, Rhonda Usipiuk and Christine Walde.

2012 World Telekinesis Competition. Ted Hiebert and Doug Jarvis, curators. Noxious Sector Projects, Seattle, WA. 2012. With participation by 31 teams from 4 countries. Full team listings available online at: http://www.noxioussector.net/wtc/2012

More Often Than Always / Less Often Than Never. Ted Hiebert and Doug Jarvis, curators. Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC. 2010. Featuring works by hannah_g, Julie Gendron & Emma Hendrix, Tetsushi Higashino, Gordon Lebredt, Fra├žois Mathieu, Chikako Maria Mori & Boris Nieslony, Arjuna Neuman and Anne-Marie Proulx

For more information visit http://www.tedhiebert.net