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Project for Interdisciplinary Pedagogy (PIP)

Martha Groom - PIPThe Project of Interdisciplinary Pedagogy is currently and indefinitely on hiatus. 

For more than a decade (2006-2018), the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences ran the Project for Interdisciplinary Pedagogy (PIP).  PIP advanced the IAS mission by providing an opportunity for a diverse cohort of 4-6 University of Washington doctoral students to develop their teaching skills in the context of an integrative interdisciplinary program that spans the arts and sciences.  Project fellows worked closely with IAS faculty mentors and created teaching portfolios that include evidence of their hands-on experience with theories and practices of interdisciplinarity and interdisciplinary pedagogy.  Listed below are the PIP alumni and their mentors.

PIP Fellows for 2017-2018

Chelsea Grimmer (Department of English, mentored by Naomi Bragin)
William McKeithen (Department of Geography, mentored by Raissa DeSmet)
José Ochoa (Department of Political Science, mentored by Santiago Lopez and Shannon Tyman)

PIP Fellows for 2016-2017

Gonzalo Guzmán (Education, mentored by Keith Nitta)
Caitlin Littlefield (Landscape Ecology and Conservation, mentored by Jennifer Atkinson)
Shannon Tyman (Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in the Built Environment, mentored by Amy Lambert)

PIP Fellows for 2015-2016

Allen Baros (Department of English, mentored by Wadiya Udell) 
Elyse Gordon (Department of Geography, mentored by Jin-Kyu Jung
Jennifer McClearen (Department of Communication, mentored by Susan Harewood)
Gabe Valle (Department of Anthropology, mentored by Christian Anderson
Jane Wong (Department of English, mentored by Sarah Dowling)

PIP Fellows for 2014-2015

Bijetri Bose (Department of Economics, mentored by Charlie Collins)
Heather Evans (Department of Sociology, mentored by Martha Groom)
Gregory Laynor (Department of English, mentored by Aeron Bergman)
Nicole Robert (Department of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, mentored by Sarah Dowling)
Miriam Valdovinos (School of Social Work, mentored by Camille Walsh)

PIP Fellows for 2013-2014

Coleen Carrigan (Department of Anthropology, mentored by Gwen Ottinger)
Annie Dwyer (Department of Comparative History of Ideas, mentored by Dan Berger)
Chelsea Jennings (Department of English, mentored by Amaranth Borsuk)
Gladys Jian (Department of Anthropology, mentored by Crispin Thurlow)
Natasha Hakimali Merchant (Department of Education, mentored by Wayne Au)
Alice Pedersen (Department of English, Second-Year PIP Mentor)
Dana Prince (Department of Social Work, mentored by Janelle Silva)
Susan Waters (Department of Biology, mentored by Warren Gold)

PIP Fellows for 2012-2013

Damarys Espinoza (Department of Cultural Anthropology, mentored by Julie Shayne).
David Giles (Department of Sociocutural Anthropology, mentored by Crispin Thurlow).
Carolina Gómez-Posada (Department of Biology, mentored bySantiago Lopez).
Jed Murr (Department of English, Second-Year PIP Mentor)
Alice Pedersen (Department of English, mentored by Camille Walsh)
Kellie Wills (Department of Educational Psychology, mentored by Andrea Stone).

PIP Fellows for 2011-2012

Robertson Allen (Department of Anthropology, mentored by Crispin Thurlow).
Carrie Lanza (Department of Social Welfare, mentored by Kari Lerum). 
Rachel Mitchell (Department of Forest Resources, mentored by Dave Stokes).
Jed Murr (Department of English, mentored by Ben Gardner). 
Nicole Torres (Department of Anthropology, mentored by Leslie Ashbaugh).
Simón Trujillo (Department of English, second year PIP mentor).  

PIP Fellows for 2010-2011

Amy Bhatt (Department of Women's Studies, mentored by Diane Gillespie).
Madhavi Murty (Department of Communication, mentored by Ron Krabill).
Jentery Sayers (Department of English, mentored by Ted Heibert).
Simón Trujillo (Department of English, mentored by David Goldstein).  
Sally Warner (Department of Physical Oceanography, mentored by Rob Turner).
Sam Yum (Department of Anthropology, second year PIP mentor).

PIP Fellows 2009-2010

Kristin Gustafson (Department of Communication, mentored by Constantin Behler).
Tim Jones (Department of Political Science, second year PIP mentor ).
Sydney Lewis (Department of English, mentored by Kari Lerum).
Trang X. Ta (Department of Anthropology, mentored by Martha Groom).
Amoshaun Toft (Department of Communications, mentored by Susan Harewood).
Bryan White (Department of Neurobiology, mentored by Marc Servetnick).

PIP Fellows 2008-2009

Tami Blumenfield (Department of Anthropology, mentored by Diane Gillespie).
Shauna Carlisle (School of Social Work, second year PIP mentor).
Caren Crandell (College of Forest Resources, mentored by Bill Seaburg).
Erica Gunn: (Department of Chemistry, mentored by Becca Price).
Tim Jones (Department of Political Science, mentored by Colin Danby).
Fernanda Oyarzun (Department of Biology, mentored by Cinnamon Hillyard).
Samuel Yum (Department of Anthropology, mentored by Linda Watts).

PIP Fellows 2007-2008

Shauna Carlisle (Department of Social Work; mentored by Elizabeth Thomas)
Amy Lambert (Department of Forest Resources; mentored by Linda Watts)
Kevin Ramsey (Department of Geography; mentored by Ron Krabill)
Rebeca Rivera (Department of Environmental Anthropology; mentored by Warren Gold)
Stephanie Scopelitis (Department of Educational Psychology; mentored by Jeanne Heuving) 

PIP Fellows 2006-2007

Melanie Kill (Department of English; mentored by Gray Kochhar-Lindgren)
Georgia Roberts (Department of English; mentored by Ron Krabill)
Jeanette Sanchez (Department of Theater History and Criticism; mentored by Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren)
Matthew Sneddon (Department of History; mentored by Linda Watts)
Sarah Starkweather (Department of Geography; mentored by Colin Danby)

Generous support for the Project for Interdisciplinary Pedagogy has been provided by the UW Graduate School Fund for Excellence and Innovation, the UW Bothell Office of Academic Affairs, the UW Bothell Teaching and Learning Center, and the IAS program.