Assistant Professor

B.S. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Psychology
M.A.  Michigan State University, Ecological-Community Psychology
Ph.D .Michigan State University, Ecological-Community Psychology     
Specialization: Quantitative Methods and Evaluation Sciences

Office: UW1-151
Mailing: Box 358530, 18115 Campus Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011


I believe universities should create transformative spaces that propel students into their careers with excitement and critical awareness of their roles as citizens and professionals. My goal is to facilitate students' active participation in the knowledge generation process with attention toward real world analysis and application of course concepts. I hope to support each student on their quest to find their scholarly path and voice, fostering creativity, curiosity, and attention to social justice along the way. Through discussion, collaborative inquiry, and applied experiences in the community, I strive to create settings where students feel comfortable openly and critically examining course material. I also try to identify opportunities for students to engage in community-based activities in order to make learning local and bring our vast university resources, of which our student body is a critical one, into the community.

I encourage students to bring their whole selves, particularly their multiple identities, prior education, personal and professional lives, and communities, into the classroom. I use a variety of activities, such as small and large group discussions, photovoice, and community-based projects, to create opportunities for students to explore and challenge the material through scholarly and lived experience lenses. This is not to suggest that all critiques are equally valid and useful; part of the power and purpose of the classroom is to learn to present compelling critiques and generate novel insights or applications of academic material. This is an exciting space to share with students and I look forward my own new “aha” moments that occur each quarter I have the privilege of co-learning with UWB students.

Recent Courses Taught

BIS 220 Developmental Psychology
BIS 300 Interdisciplinary Inquiry
BIS 316 (or BIS 221) Topics in Psychology: Human Sexuality
BIS 343 Community Psychology
BIS 438 Prevention and Promotion


Through multiple strands of research that mix paradigms, media, and methods, I seek to identify how we, as scholars and community members, can create and support settings that foster health, empowerment, and social justice. My work focuses on understanding and promoting adolescent health and well-being with particular attention to contextual risk and protective factors, culture, and youth as agents of social change. My primary substantive focus is on sexual health, broadly defined. I am also interested in the footprint community-based researchers and universities leave in the communities with which they collaborate. In this line of work, I attend to the process and outcomes of community-based research with youth and adults, university-community partnerships, and student engagement in community-based learning and research.

Selected Publications

Schwandt, T. & Lichty, L. F. (under review) What problem are we trying to solve? Practical and innovative uses of MMR. In Hesse-Biber, S. N. & Johnson, R. B. (Eds.) Oxford Handbook of Mixed and Multimethod Research. Oxford Press.

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