John R. Rasmussen

Senior Lecturer

B.A. Mathematics, University of California , Berkeley
Ph.D. Mathematics, Dartmouth College

Office: Truly House
Phone: 206-283-4698
Email: jrras@uw.edu
Mailing: Box 358530, 18115 Campus Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011-8246


Dr. Rasmussen is most interested in applications of mathematics to the real world. He welcomes the challenge of sharing his mathematical knowledge, and real life work experience with students who may have found previous mathematics courses to be dull, hard, theoretical, or generally a negative experience. As a faculty member at Gonzaga University, Bowdoin College, and UWB, Dr. Rasmussen has taught courses on calculus, probability, statistics, finance, linear programming, operations research, graph theory, mathematical logic, business mathematics, and mathematics for the liberal arts. Dr. Rasmussen enjoys combining his 14 years of experience in banking to enhance the courses he teaches. A good example of this combination of real life experience and mathematical knowledge was his development and teaching of the finance module for the award winning UW Extension course on Commercial Real Estate.

Courses Taught

BIS 315 Understanding Statistics
BIS 319 Mathematical Thinking for the Liberal Arts
BIS 350 The Concept of Number
BIS 480 Visual Mathematics in Art & Architecture-The Rome Experience, Study Abroad in Rome
BUS 310 Managerial Economics
CSS 371 The Business of Computing
CSS 458 Computer Simulation


Dr. Rasmussen original research and publications were in the character theory of finite groups. He is currently interested in Interdisciplinary Mathematics, Financial Calculus and Computer Modeling. The combining of finance, computer modeling, and the bootstrap technique from statistics are presently at the center of his interests.