Jade Power-Sotomayor


Assistant Professor

BA Theatre Arts/Molecular & Cellular Developmental Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz
MA Latin American Studies, University of California, San Diego
PhD Theatre and Drama, University of California, San Diego

Email: jyps@uw.edu
Mailing: Box 358530, 18115 Campus Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011-8246


My goal is to nurture and facilitate students’ empowerment through knowledge and critical awareness, creating horizontal relationships and communities of learning where experiential knowledge is a crucial part of the learning process. I help students understand how performance is uniquely situated at the junction between the socially constructed and the fantastical, navigating cultural tradition and formal innovation, and engaging the political and aesthetic currents of any given historical moment. Not only do I aim to show students how such performative acts can influence the social world around them, but I also ask them to consider the creative process and the performing body through the lens of history and relationships of power.


As a code-switching, hyphen-jumping, border-crossing, Cali-Rican educator, dancer, actor and scholar of performance, I engage embodied practices of remembering and creating community as a lens for theorizing performative constructions of Latinidad. My research focuses on epistemologies of the body, the intersections between race, gender and language, and on inter-cultural performance in the Latin Caribbean diaspora. My book project ¡Habla!: Speaking Bodies in Latin@ Dance and Performance examines what I call the “speaking body” in various sites of performance (solo-performance, Puerto Rican bomba, Mexican son jarocho) and its relationship to the politics of race and ethnicity, to bilingualism and to communities of belonging as constituted through doing versus being.

Selected Publications

“From Soberao to Stage: Locating, Creating and Performing Afro-Puerto Rican Bomba.” Oxford Handbook of Theatre and Dance. Oxford University Press. Research Article. 2015.

"Two Stages/Spaces in Puerto Rican Theater: A Report From the Field." Latin American Theatre Review 43.1. Fall 2009. Article.