Senior Lecturer

B.A. Slavic, University of Washington
Ph.D. Slavic, University of Michigan

Office: UW1-239
Phone: 425-352-5364
Mailing: Box 358530, 18115 Campus Way NE, Bothell, WA 98011-8246


I abandoned the banking model of teaching ("I deposit into students' brains and hope the interest grows.") quite a while ago, and have replaced it with a method of teaching based upon a learning communities/conversational model ("Here's what some in the past and currently have been thinking about this issue. Now what do you all think? Why?"). To that end I rely extensively on seminars (even in large classes), case studies, student projects, extensive reading, and intensive writing. In every course I teach there is a component of field research that links the theory of the class with the practice of the world. Finally, central to the ethos of the classroom is the notion of the responsible intellectual-faculty and students together who must take responsibility for that world, and not just analyze it.

Recent Courses Taught

BIS 335 Human Rights in America
BIS 338 Political Institutions and Processes
BIS 403 Washington, D.C. Human Rights Seminar/Trip
BIS 414 Topics in Human Rights
BPOLST 500 Dimensions and Contexts of Contemporary Policy Issues


Policy Studies, Human Rights, Critical Discourse Analysis

His current research is a comparative analysis of the construction and implementation of human rights in developed and developing societies with particular attention to how discourse shapes political and cultural agendas. For example, the term "human rights" is deployed by various state and non-state actors to achieve a variety of ends, some of which might be consistent with the international human rights regime, while others might not. Under this analysis, "human rights" is viewed not as absolute moral category but as an open discourse in which individuals, cultures, and societies debate their ultimate values and goals.

Secondary Fields

Cultual Studies, Moral Philosophy, Peace and Justice Studies

Selected Publications

“Conceptual Metaphors as Interpretive Tools in Qualitative Research:  A Re-examination of College Students’ Diversity Discussions” (with Diane Gillespie), Qualitative Report, September, 2006.

“Human Rights and Globalization” (with Dan Jacoby), Encyclopedia of Globalization, ed. Ashish Vaidya, (Santa Barbara, CA:  ABC-CLIO, 2006)

“Research Circles:  Providing An Organizational Structure for Junior Faculty to Write” (with D. Gillespie, N. DolÅ¡ak, R. Krabill, K. Lerum, E. Thomas), Innovative Higher Education, Fall, 2005

 “On Lenses and Filters:  The Role of Metaphor in Policy Theory,” Administrative Theory and Praxis, March 2005.

Professional Affiliations

Global Studies Association
UW Center for Human Rights