IAS faculty members, staff, and students participate in the Cultural Studies Association conference

Cultural Studies AssociationJune 3, 2014 - IAS contributed broadly to the 12th annual Cultural Studies Association conference, “Ecologies: Relations of Culture, Matter, and Power," held in Salt Lake City.  Bruce Burgett delivered the Presidential Address, “Coyote Meets Road Runner; or, What is Called Public (Cultural Studies) Scholarship,” and moderated a roundtable on multimodal publishing. Lauren Berliner and Amoshaun Toft ran a workshop on teaching through media production. Jed Murr coordinated a seminar on “pedagogy and performance in the undercommons” and Ron Krabill coordinated another on “the romance of collaboration.” Carrie Lanza and Miriam Bartha participated in Krabill’s seminar.  Bartha also contributed to a mentoring workshop and a seminar on institutionalizing cultural studies. IAS Master of Arts in Cultural Studies graduate student Bogdana Manole presented a paper on “The recognition of ‘nature’ in regulatory policy.”