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IAS faculty present at Latinx Studies Association Conference

Yolanda Padilla, Jade Power-Sotomayor, and José Fusté

IAS faculty members Jade Power-SotomayorJosé Fusté, and Yolanda Padilla presented at the Latinx Studies Association Conference in Washington, D.C. Jade Power-Sotomayor presented a paper titled: “Zumba and its Discontents: The Extravagance and Ordinariness of Embodied Latinidad” as part of a panel titled "From Broadway to Zumba: Performing Latinidades Across Sound and Body." José I. Fusté presented a paper titled "María’s Uncounted: Accounting for Boricua Subalternities in the Face of (Un)natural Disasters and Debt Colonialism” as part of a panel titled "Afro-Latinx Studies Now ...

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Naomi Bragin and Jade Power-Sotomayor to host “Improvisational Crossings: Social Dance as Interdisciplinary Intervention”

IAS faculty members Naomi Bragin and Jade Power-Sotomayor, together with Juliet McMains (UW Seattle) have been awarded funding from the Simpson Center to host a public two-day colloquium, “Improvisational Crossings: Social Dance as Interdisciplinary Intervention.” This colloquium will bring together six dance scholar/practitioners from differing disciplinary backgrounds for two days of lectures, workshops, and dialogue that address border crossings through the lens of improvisational social dance. Collectively they will ask ...

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IAS Faculty Members Win Simpson Center Funding Awards

Six IAS faculty members won Simpson Center for the Humanities awards in the fall 2016 funding round.  Shannon Cram received a research fellowship as a member of the Society of Scholars to complete her book manuscript, “Unmaking the Bomb: Nuclear Cleanup and the Politics of Impossibility.”  José FustéJade Power-Sotomayor, and Dan Berger were all awarded Digital Humanities Summer Fellowships.   Fusté and Jade Power-Sotomayor will work on “The Bomba Wiki Project: Oral, Aural, and Corporeal History and Community-Making through Bomba Music and Dance,” while Berger will ...

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Julie Shayne, Martha Groom, and Jade Power-Sotomayor present at the 76th Annual Society for Applied Anthropology Conference

IAS faculty member Julie Shayne organized a session on “Making Activism Matter: Research, Teaching, and Promotion” at the Annual Society for Applied Anthropology conference. Shayne's contribution to the session was “University Presses and Activist Scholarship/Taking Risks: Feminist Activism and Research in the Americas.” Jade Power-Sotomayor presented ...

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