Allyson Fredericksen helps organizations thrive


Allyson Fredericksen has dedicated more than 10 years to serving nonprofits. Passionate about social justice and mobilizing communities for change, she has found her calling as a strategic operations professional, helping organizations create efficient and effective internal systems so they can focus on their missions. 

Fredericksen is thrilled to join the staff of Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness as Operations Manager, where she helps oversee internal operations, from budgeting and financial sustainability, to project management and planning, to human resources and staff development and support. She works to ensure that the Coalition’s internal systems and policies support their external work and 70+ members working to end homelessness in our region.

Fredericksen enrolled in the Master of Arts in Policy Studies (MAPS) program to develop rigorous skills in research, analysis, and management - and a solid foundation in the policy-making process. After graduating in 2010, she worked  as an advocacy coordinator for Catholic Community Services and later a research analyst and HR administrator for Alliance for a Just Society (now People’s Action Institute).  In all roles, Fredericksen finds great satisfaction in fostering positive work cultures that allow employees and organization to focus on achieve their goals. 

“I enrolled in MAPS with a goal of being a researcher; now that I've shifted careers, I see how many of the skills I learned are transferable to other types of work,” says Fredericksen. “I love that I can use skills I've gained in a new way, working for an organization that does really important work in our community.”