Aarshin Karande writes on the U.S. immigration and the politics of compassion


Alum Aarshin Karande (’14) published “The Politics of Compassion: U.S. Immigration Policy and the Conflicted American Archetype” in The Republic Journal.  In the piece, he describes how U.S. immigration policy and the Obama-Trump divide reflects an American spiritual crisis. “The resolution of immigration policy demands reckoning with America’s virtues and vices; America’s long and complicated history of exclusion and inclusion, contradictions between cultural values and political actions; and listening to the dissimilar voices of an increasingly diverse America." Read the article.

Upon completing his BA in Media & Communication Studies at UW Bothell, Karande earned a Master of Science degree in Media and Communication Governance at The London School of Economics and Political Science. As a digital media strategist, he creates and researches business and policy solutions that optimize digital experiences around human potential.