Ching-In Chen publishes “Improvising the World: a Breakout Session/Experiment in Pedagogy”


IAS faculty member Ching-In Chen’s “Improvising the World: a Breakout Session/Experiment in Pedagogy” was published in Urgent Possibilities: Writing on Feminist Poetics & Emergence Pedagogies, an anthology of 17 saddle stitched pamphlets as part of the eohippus labs Annex Series.

Urgent Possibilities, Writings on Feminist Poetics & Emergent Pedagogies grew out of the Feminist Poetics, Emergent Pedagogies Symposium organized by Andrea Quaid and Margaret Rhee. The publication collects work by symposium participants with documents and elaborations, including poems, poetic tracts, essays, workshop plans, and features work by Ching-In Chen, Gabrielle Civil, Corinne Dekkers, Elæ [Lynne DeSilva-Johnson], Emma Gomis, Jen Hofer, Brenda Iijima, Alexandra Juhasz, erica kaufman, traci kato-kiriyama, Janice Lee, Eirenne Nealand, Angela Peñaredondo, Andrea Quaid, Margaret Rhee, Jon Rutzmoser, Jennifer Scappettone, Celina Su, & Adrienne Walser.

Urgent Possibilities anthology

Urgent Possibilities anthology box with authors' names

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