Center for Contemporary Asian Art in Sydney publishes an interview with Anida Yoeu Ali


IAS faculty member Anida Yoeu Ali was interviewed by the Sydney-based Center for Contemporary Asian Art (or 4A) about her practice and ongoing performance of The Red Chador in an ever-changing US political climate. Ali’s The Red Chador was curated into the Performance x 4A program at Art Central Hong Kong in March 2017. The Art Central performance of The Red Chador: Ban Me! was the first time that Ali staged this work in the context of an art fair. For this iteration of the work, Ali adapted her performance to integrate a set of 99 protest signs, appropriating text from protest movements in both Hong Kong and elsewhere. These signs of social unrest, of civil disobedience and of public outrage became an activated site in which Ali, as The Red Chador, sought public engagement. With over 30,000 people witnessing this work and hundreds actively participating in her performative gesture, Ali received widespread critical acclaim in Hong Kong in The Art Newspaper and Asia Times alongside significant coverage in The Financial Times and Harper’s Bazaar

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