Kevin Kim publishes in A Companion to Korean American Studies


IAS faculty member Kevin Y. Kim has published a book chapter in a “state of the field” volume from Brill Publishers, A Companion to Korean American Studies. This major international volume presents interdisciplinary works from established and emerging scholars in Korean American Studies, spanning history, gender relations, cultural formations, social relations, and politics.

Drawing from his larger work on postcolonial Korea and U.S.-Asia relations, Kim’s contribution is entitled “Empire, War, Globalization, and Korean America in Global and Transnational Perspectives.” It attempts to recast Korean American history as a global and transnational phenomenon occurring at the discursive and material crossroads of Korea-centered globalization from the late nineteenth century decline of Chosŏn Korea and Korea’s colonization by Japan through the Cold War and 1990s-era neoliberal globalization. As Kim argues, Korean America comprised an “inter-imperial” diaspora emerging from the traumatic interstices of U.S.-Korea relations, particularly after World War II.

In addition, Kim has just received several fellowships and grants in support of his major book project, Worlds Unseen: Henry Wallace, Herbert Hoover, and the Making of Cold War America. These include the William R. Castle, Jr. Memorial Fellowship from the Samuel N. and Mary Castle Foundation, a John A. Peters Fellowship Endowment from the Wisconsin Historical Society, and research grants from the New York Public Library and Friends of the Princeton University Library.