Jeanette Sanchez collaborates with Cascade K-8 Community School


IAS faculty member Jeanette Sanchez taught BIS 212 Engaging Performing Arts: Theater for Young Audiences in autumn 2014 in collaboration with the Cascade K-8 Community School.  Students in the course created drama, dance, culinary, and poetry workshops centered on the theme of diversity in Seattle.  They then facilitated those workshops for the kindergarten and first grade classes at the school.  The poetry group constructed original poems about the city celebrating their experiences with other cultures and making Seattle home using English, Korean, and Ethiopian. The drama group used a local author, Jay Steare's, Goodnight Seattle to guide the students in an exploration of the city through movement and imagination.  The dance group created an original piece of choreography using ballet, jazz, hip hop, and club dancing set to an instrumental version of a Macklemore song.  The culinary group led the students through a food tour of Seattle offering items that would be found at Pike Place Market, Chinatown, the International District, and the Waterfront.