Amaranth Borsuk publishes article on design legend Barbara Stauffacher Solomon


IAS faculty member Amaranth Borsuk has published a biographical essay outlining the life and work of artist Barbara "Bobbie" Stauffacher Solomon in the latest issue of The Improbablean art newspaper published by Siglio Press for the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Borsuk became fascinated with the work and career of the boundary-breaking artist after visiting The Sea Ranch in California last winter. After training in graphic design in Switzerland, Solomon earned a reputation in the 1960s for establishing the visual identity of The Sea Ranch through ground-breaking supergraphics painted directly onto the facades and interiors of the community buildings there. She has since gone on to create site-specific artworks, artists's books, and installation art that  Borsuk argues should be read in a lineage with concrete and visual poetry, whose founders and practitioners shared many of her early influences. Issues of The Improbable are available for free at Open Books in Seattle and other independent bookshops around the country as well as at MoMA.

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