Melanie Malone wins two UW research grants


IAS faculty member Melanie Malone won two UW research grants this month. The first grant, an Urban@UW Research Spark grant, was awarded to Melanie and other UW Seattle and Tacoma faculty and a Duwamish Tribal member. The grant is intended to support a co-created adaptive citizen science network that will do a watershed assessment of Puget Creek and the Lower Duwamish River to assess contamination issues and other issues of priority to the Duwamish Tribe.

The second grant, a UW Population Health Initiative grant, was awarded to Melanie and her community partners. The co-created project will allow Melanie to sample a children's garden for contamination in the Duwamish Superfund that will support children of frontline emergency workers. It will also allow the community partners to test out some soil remediation techniques to mitigate the level of contamination in their soils.

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