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Hiring Resources

The content of this page is intended for internal staff of the UW Bothell. Applicants interested in Hourly/Temporary employment should visit the UW Human Resources web site

Please follow the process below for temporary staff (non-student hourly) hires including new assignments, re-assignments, and new hires.

How to Conduct a Classified Staff Job Search

Classified refers to either positions governed by a labor contract (contract classified) or positions administered by the UW, in accordance with WPRB (Washington Personnel Resources Board) rules. Hiring Managers are asked to contact OE/HR at or Devi Sandhu at 425.352.5246

How to Conduct a Professional Staff Job Search

Professional refers to positions governed by the University of Washington's Professional Staff Personnel Program. Hiring Managers are asked to contact OE/HR at or Sharene Peltier at 425.352.3637

Temporary Professional Staff Hires

Temporary hourly hires for professional staff positions are not limited to the 950 hour rule. To hire a temporary hourly professional staff employee, please email OE/HR at or call Devi Sandhu at 425.352.5246

Maximum Hours Limit

It is the hiring department's responsibility to ensure that temporary hourly staff do not work beyond their maximum number of hours (from date of first temporary hire-hours are reset to zero on that anniversary date each year). It is especially critical to track hours if the hourly worker has had more than one job assignment during the year. In order to ensure the full compliance with the state's hour limitation pertaining to temporary workers, temporary hourly employment will be limited to 950 hours.


The following forms are unique for UWB staff and faculty. A complete list of UW HR forms can be obtained at Human Resource Forms.


OE/HR has developed SharePoint resources for those who conduct hiring in their respective unit or department. Please use your access link for those resources. 

An additional UW resource for hiring is the Staff Diversity Hiring Toolkit.

For those who need access due to their role involving hiring, please contact to request access by providing the following information:

  • Your name
  • Title
  • Department
  • NetID
  • Reason for access