Mandatory Promotion & Tenure Timeline

MANDATORY REVIEW: Assistant Professor to Associate Professor with Tenure

Review the 2016-2017 PDF for exact dates on non-divisionalized and divisionalized

Due Dates Action/Process
September 13 All final materials including the external review letters are sent to the candidate’s review committee.
October 7 The committee’s review is completed and the committee chair writes a report of the review to the school/program dean/director. A written summary of the report and the committee’s recommendation is provided by the school/program dean/director to the candidate without names of external reviewers and vote counts.
October 14 The candidate acknowledges in writing within seven calendar days receipt of the report and may choose at that time to provide a written response to the report.
October 21 A copy of the candidate’s acknowledgement and/or response is included with the candidate’s portfolio for review by program faculty senior in rank and eligible to vote before the program discussion and promotion vote occurs. The eligible faculty meet to consider the candidate’s review committee’s recommendation and to vote. Following the program discussion and vote, the school/program dean/director prepares a summary of the discussion and recommendation and provides this summary to the candidate without names and vote counts.
October 30 The candidate acknowledges in writing within seven calendar days receipt of the report and may choose at that time to provide a written response to the report.
November 4 The school/program dean/director writes a letter and an independent recommendation to the VCAA. The portfolio containing originals of all required elements is forwarded to the VCAA. The school/program dean/director provides the VCAA with access to the candidate’s electronic file and in turn the VCAA provides access to the Campus Council.
November 25 The Campus Council reviews the materials and submits a written review and recommendation to the VCAA.
December 3 The VCAA reviews the materials and consults with the Chancellor to determine a recommendation to the Provost.
December 16
The original plus one copy of the portfolio is forwarded with the VCAA’s recommendation to the Provost’s Office.
Winter Quarter Notification from Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (VCAA) to all faculty regarding mandatory and non-mandatory promotion review process.
Winter Quarter The Provost completes a review and forwards the final recommendation to the Board of Regents.
Spring Quarter Letter from the President confirming tenure/promotion.
September 2 Candidate finalizes portfolio and submits to school/program dean/director.
September 2 External reviews are completed and returned to the school/program dean/director.
March 29 Faculty member provides notification to school/program dean/director of desire to be considered for promotion and tenure.
April 15 School/Program dean/director and candidate meet to discuss process and procedures including potential review committee membership. Candidate provides school/program dean/director with a list of three to five qualified external reviewers (faculty from outside the University of Washington campus system) who may be selected to referee their materials and write letters to the review committee.
May 3 School/Program dean/director selects review committee of senior faculty, informs candidate of committee member’s names, and schedules the first meeting. Initial draft of portfolio is completed and sent to committee.
May 17 First meeting of the review committee is held. The candidate may join the committee for a portion of the meeting to receive feedback regarding the portfolio. The overall review process is discussed and timelines established. External reviewers are identified and a list of five individuals is sent to the school/program dean/director.
May 31 School/Program dean/director solicits participation of external reviewers.
June 14 Letters and review materials sent to external reviewers.
July 1 Salary and title adjustments made effective for 12-month faculty
September 16 Salary and title adjustments made effective for 9-month faculty.