Housing & Residential Life

Lee Zerrilla



  Hometown: Burlington, Vermont

  When were you an RD:  July 2011 - June 2013

  What is your current position?

  Enrollment Specialist, NYU Abu Dhabi


  B.S. Information Systems, Daniel Webster College
  Grad work at Suffolk University


Working at UW Bothell “requires flexibility and being a strong  collaborator. Embrace that.”

What makes UW Bothell unique?

So much could be said about the size or the campus, but truly it is the students. The student body is one that is highly diverse, but comes with a broad set of interests, hopes and ambitions.  UWB students are motivated and will engage you as they seek out new challenges. Above all, they are a community that works hard to support one another.

What did you learn as a Resident Director at UW Bothell?

UW Bothell will provide you with some unique experiences not available everywhere else. You will find a balance of independence to manage your area and try new things, yet will work with colleagues across the whole campus to support students in a very multidisciplinary fashion.  For me, this meant I was able to refine my work style and learn how to work effectively across campus roles. It also meant that I gained a lot of knowledge outside of my own functional area and had the opportunity to engage with colleagues in situations that I may not have had on another campus.

How has being an RD helped you in your current role?

My time at UW Bothell was critical to my current role in many ways.  First, working with such a diverse student population prepared me for working abroad at a multinational campus; my experiences at Bothell made me better at engaging our students and more adept at identifying student needs. Secondly, UW Bothell’s role as an institution within the larger University of Washington gave me exposure to navigating some of the resources and complexities of a large university.

I’m proud of the time I spent at UW Bothell, and though I’m 7500 miles away, I still rock my purple hoodie.

What would you tell a candidate who is applying to work at UW Bothell?

UW Bothell is a dynamic and perpetually growing institution and requires flexibility and being a strong collaborator. Embrace that. Approach it with an open mind and an eager attitude. Additionally, the leadership at UW Bothell has assembled a team of rock stars across its ranks—it’s an incredible chance to learn from some amazing colleagues.