Housing & Residential Life

KC Bui



  Hometown: Orange, California

  When were you an RD: July 2012-June 2014

  What is your current position?

  Program Coordinator with the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs,   UCLA


  B.A. Social Science and Minor in Education, University of    California, Irvine

  M.A. Higher Education and Student Affairs, Ohio State  University

  "you have opportunities to partner and support the other departments"

What makes UW Bothell unique?

Many things makes UW Bothell unique but for me it was how the university operated like a large institution, but provided a small institutional environment in which students have the ability to interact with more staff and a tighter community of students.

What did you learn as a Resident Director at UW Bothell?

So much. Not only do you learn about policies and procedures specific to Residential Life, you have opportunities to partner and support the other departments within Student Affairs which provides you with the more Student Affairs experience. 

How has being an RD helped you in your current role?

Organizing the fire drills at the apartments really gave me a piece of the overall emergency preparedness training that I now am immersed in heavily in my current role. I oversee emergency preparedness coordinators, annual trainings, drills, and paperwork for over 20 departments in Student Affairs at UCLA. 

What would you tell a candidate who is applying to work at UW Bothell?

This is a great chance to work within the policies and procedures of a large public institution but on a smaller scale. When I was at UW Bothell, the entire Student Affairs division was smaller than the entire Residential Life staff at UCLA. The benefit to UW Bothell is that you could refer students to the name of at least one staff member in each department, rather than a general department phone number. However, you need to invest in pursuing those connections and relationships.