Frequently Asked Questions

Common candidate application questions for our student staff positions can be seen below.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Karan Sandhu, Resident Director at 


  • Should I go through the 2021-2022 housing application process if I’m applying to be a Resident Assistant and/or Summer Conference Assistant? 

If you would like to live on campus next year even if you are not selected for an RA/SCA position, please go through the 2021-2022 housing application process. If you are offered and accept an RA/SCA position, any payments you made in conjunction with your housing application will be refunded to you. Resident Advisor that accept the offer, you will complete the 2021-2022 housing application process in a later date. Resident Advisor selection will be completed in early March, giving candidates time to plan for fall housing accordingly.

  • If I receive an offer, can I get an extension on my decision timeline or defer my acceptance to another quarter/year?

No. Due to our staffing needs and out of respect to other candidates also in the process, we do not allow candidates to receive an extension on their decision timeline or to defer their acceptance to another quarter/year. If you choose to decline your position, we encourage you to consider applying again next year.

  • What will happen to my financial aid package if I become an RA/SCA?

This is specific to each individual and questions related to this should be directed to the Financial Aid office in Husky Hall. Resident Advisers and Summer Conference Assistants receive compensation in the form of room and board and stipend, which can greatly reduce the cost of living and attending the University of Washington Bothell.

  • If I did not receive an offer, can I apply again?

Yes! We encourage you to continue to stay active and involved at UWB and consider applying again next year.

  • I am currently a student staff member in Residential Life, do I need to apply again?

Current student staff (RAs and CAs) that want to return to their current role will follow the Returner Student Staff Process. Your Resident Director will provide more information in your 1:1 and through email. 

If you are interested in another student staff role in Residential Life, you will need to apply for the new role you are interested in. 


  • Can I hold another position on/off-campus if I am a Resident Assistant, Community Assistant, and/or Summer Conference Assistant?

The Resident Advisor and Summer Conference Assistant position is designed to be a 19 hour per week, live-in leadership position and is expected to be your number one priority after academics. We understand that our RAs and SCAs are student leaders who are already very involved within the community and it is possible for you to hold additional commitments while being an RA or SCA. However, if selected, it is important for you to speak with your Resident Director about any other responsibilities you have beyond the RA or SCA position as soon as possible. RAs and SCAs cannot work, under any circumstance, over 10 hours a week at any other combination of on-campus jobs/off-campus jobs and/or combination of leadership involvement.

Community Assistants are not a live-in position as they are hourly student employees. Under university policy, student employees are not allowed to work 19.5 hours (or 19 hours Work Study) a week in all their student employment positions at UWB. 

  • If I have been documented for an incident, can I still be an RA/CA/SCA?

Students must be in good conduct standing in order to be a RA/CA/SCA in Residential Life. We do conduct checks for all candidates. Please disclose any concerns about your conduct in your application or contact the Student Conduct Office at if you need have questions about your conduct standing. 

  • I’ve never lived in a residence hall. Can I still apply?

Residential Life values a wide range of experiences in our student leaders and that includes students who have only lived off campus. So yes, please still apply!

  • What if I don’t have the required GPA?

You must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA, and 2.5 quarter GPA in order to qualify for the our student staff positions. This GPA requirement exists because the being a student employee is time-intensive and time management is essential to maintaining good grades. Another reason is that ours student staff employees serves as an academic role model for their students, peers and the department of Residential Life, therefore maintaining good grades is essential.

  • Do I already need to know how to confront people or deal with emergencies?

No, prior experience is not a requirement to be a RA/CA/SCA. All staff members receive comprehensive training prior to the academic year on many situations that might arise. Furthermore, throughout the academic year, student staff are provided ongoing training and support by their Resident Director and the department.

  • I am an international student/DACA, can I still apply?

Any full-time UW student who is permitted to work in the United States is eligible to apply. If you are unsure of your work eligibility, please check with the Center for International Education or the Diversity Center for resources. 

  • What qualities do strong candidates possess?

We look for well-rounded candidates to work in Residential Life. While we look for no specific qualities, we encourage you to be authentic and bring your true self to the process. 

Assignments and Placement

  • Can I choose the hall/building I want to be Resident Advisor/Summer Conference Assistant in?

If you are hired for the RA and/or SCA position you are hired for the department, not for a specific building. While it is possible for you to voice your areas of interest in the application, those preferences are not guaranteed to be met. RA/SCA are placed in buildings due to qualities that would make them successful in that environment

  • As a RA/SCA, will I have a roommate, and if so, for how long?

RAs and SCAs are assigned double occupancy apartments and will live with another RA/SCA as their roommate. While it is possible for you to voice which RA/SCA you would like to live with, those preferences are not guaranteed to be met. RA/SCA are placed in halls due to qualities that would make them successful in that particular hall/building. We do ask in the interview process if you would like to be in Single-Gender or Gender Neutral Housing. 

  • What is the alternate pool and how will I know when I’ve been selected from the alternate pool?

The alternate pool is for those candidates who we feel are qualified for our student staff positions, but, due to the number of applicants, are not placed in a building or hired to fulfill the role they applied for. Candidates in the alternate pool will be notified via e-mail if they are offered a position if they choose to be in the alternate pool.

Training and Support

  • When do I need to be back at the UWB for Resident Advisor, Community Assistant, and/or Summer Conference Assistant Intensive Training?

Our student staff training being in the Spring Quarter for our workshops and scheduled based on your academic schedules. For intensive training, please review the Job Description for each position as it list the exact dates for training. You are expected to be present on campus, and fully participate in the entirety of training. The RA position will require a great deal of time in September through the first week of classes. Please email Karan Sandhu, Resident Director at if you have more specific questions.

  • If I have a conflict, can I miss training or be late for it?

No. training is an essential component to you being a successful in Residential Life. During training we will be talking about crisis management, emergency protocols, operations, etc. Student Staff training is also an essential time to bond with your staff and start to build strong working relationships that will aid you throughout the year. If you have any plans (vacation, travel, internships, etc) that conflict with training dates as listed in the job description, then you are not eligible to be a student staff member in Residential Life. 

  • As an RA/CA/SCA do I have to stay in the halls during university break periods? After the Spring Quarter ends?

Some live-in staff members will be required to stay for duty coverage as we are open year round. Details of dates and times, which are specific to each school year, will be listed in Student Staff Agreements. It is necessary for some Resident Advisors to be on duty for Thanksgiving break, Winter Break and Spring break. Resident Advisors are expected to work after halls close in the end of the Spring Quarter and are dismissed by their Resident Director. 

Community Assistants, you will be able to sign up for desk shifts when we are on break and eligible to work up to 40 hours if available. 

  • What are the basic components of training?

There are two basic components of training: Spring Workshops and Intensive Training that leads to Opening/Move-In and Welcome Week. All student staff members (new and returners), are not allowed to miss any part of training or opening.