General Questions

How are housing assignments made?

We make an attempt to match students based on the preferences that were indicated on the housing application. If two students both request to be assigned together, we accommodate the request to the best of our ability.

Why didn't I receive a Single Bedroom?

There are a limited number of single bedrooms available, and once they are full, we make students a housing offer for the shared bedroom arrangement instead. If you accept your housing offer, you are welcome to request to be added to a waitlist for the single bedroom option, and you will be contacted if a spot opens up midyear!

Can I request a different room assignment?

Room change requests are only accepted after the third week of the quarter. To make this request, please contact one of the Resident Directors to assist you in this process. Please keep in mind that we have a very limited number of rooms and we expect to be at full capacity. A room change request may not be possible unless there are vacancies. Room change requests due to roommate conflicts will not be granted unless the conflicts have gone through a mediation process first.

What if I don't like my room once I get to campus?

We encourage students to give their room and roommates a chance - most students end up being happy with their living arrangements.

Do I need to pay the whole agreement amount at once?

No. Although the agreement commitment is for a full academic year, you are billed by the quarter. Review your Payment Options.

How does living in student housing help me academically?

Not only are you just minutes away from the library and classrooms but living among your peers gives you easy access to “study buddies”. There are also many academic success workshops such as note taking, study skills, test anxiety, time management, and tutoring sessions hosted for you in housing. All you need to do is attend and experience the benefits!

What will I gain from living in student housing?

Studies show that students who live on campus are more successful than those who don't. Besides the academic benefits, it is the easiest way to meet new people and make new friends. Additionally, residents have staff resources in the housing community that can assist them with anything from class suggestions to weekend plans!

How safe is it to live in student housing?

Safety is of utmost importance for our residents at UW Bothell. Each student resident is issued a key to their unit. Residents are expected to lock their doors at all times and not loan their keys to others. All housing facilities are also equipped with fire safety equipment such as sprinklers, alarms, and extinguishers. Resident Directors and Resident Advisors are on-call when the office closes and are able to respond to incidents. Visit our Campus Safety website for more information.


Preparing to move in

When may I move in?

Incoming residents will receive information about Move-In Day with their move in packet emailed in August. In order to facilitate a smooth move-in experience for everyone, we will not be able to accommodate students who arrive earlier than their scheduled Move-In Day. If you cannot check in during your assigned move-in time, please contact the Housing Office ahead of time at uwbhousing@uw.edu.

Are there any vehicle limitations for move-in?

Yes. In order to keep traffic congestion to a minimum, families may bring one vehicle into the student housing apartment’s parking lot at a time. Vehicles over 14 feet in length will not be permitted in the parking lot EXCEPT SUVs, pick-up trucks, or standard vans/minivans. Extra vehicles may be parked on the UW Bothell campus on move-in day.

What size linens and bedding will fit my bed?

Residence hall mattresses are 8" thick by 36" wide by 80" long -- that's extra long -- and regular twin size sheets will not fit. You may purchase extra-long twin sheets at your regular shopping center.

What kind of clothes should I bring?

Many students find it works well to bring clothes for the first quarter only, especially if you're going to be heading home for winter break. Keep in mind that September and October can be chilly and wet in the Northwest, so be sure to bring jeans, sweaters or a light jacket, and rain gear.

How will I access the Internet?

Each apartment is equipped with Comcast Wireless High Speed Internet. Please note the Comcast Terms of Agreement. These terms will limit your usage by prohibiting certain activities such as illegal pirating of media. Passwords for your router can be found in your unit underneath with the signal name default as well.


Will I have telephone service in my room?

The University of Washington Bothell does not provide landline phones in individual apartments.

What about cable TV?

Each apartment will include Comcast Expanded Basic Cable service. One cable box is provided in the living room. Please make sure to coordinate with your roommate if you want to bring a television. We do not provide TVs in the units.

Can I ship personal belongings prior to arrival?

No, the University of Washington Bothell cannot accept early shipments of your personal belongings.

Is storage space available?

No, there is no storage on campus.

Should I bring my bicycle?

YES! Bothell is a big place and having a bicycle makes it a lot easier to get around. There are bicycle storage areas available throughout campus, and you can store your bike free of charge. There are many bicycle paths in and around the campus. It’s cheaper than having a car and better for the environment. Make sure to bring a U-lock as well. We also have a limited number of bikes available for rent for our residents through the RHA's Husky Rides program. Please remember to register your bike with UWPD.

Can I keep a pet in my room?

Per the housing agreement, students may have non-flesh eating fish housed in an aquarium which cannot exceed the size of a five gallon tank. Dogs, cats, and all other animals are prohibited. Pre-approved service dogs are permitted, but not for training or companion purposes.

After you move in

Can I adjust the height of my bed?

You can raise or lower your bed height, in addition to lofting and de-lofting your bed with the help of a friend or roommate. Checkout the brochure options and helpful "how to" videos!

How can I hang posters, pictures, etc. in my room?

Please use nails to hang any items in your apartment. Keep in mind that you can be billed for any damage to your room beyond normal wear and tear.

Can I remove furniture from my unit?

No. All furniture in your room must stay in the unit.

Can I store my empty boxes?

Work with your roommates to determine an acceptable spot in your unit to store moving boxes. The University of Washington Bothell cannot provide storage for personal belongings, including (but not limited to) moving boxes, extra luggage, etc.

Can I have visitors stay overnight?

Yes, so long as you have received prior consent from your roommate. You may not leave your guest(s) unattended. They may not stay for more than three consecutive nights and no more than a total of seven overnight stays during your occupancy term.

Are apartments open during holiday breaks? May I keep my belongings in my room during winter break

Yes! Your agreement allows you to stay in your apartment during the holidays breaks that take place during your agreement.

Is smoking allowed in the apartments?

No. There is no smoking in the apartments or in any campus buildings. There are several designated smoking tents located in the parking lots and around campus should you require one.

What are the quiet hours for the residence halls?

Quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Noise should be kept to a minimum, including washer, dryer, vacuums and keeping entertainment system volumes at respectful levels.

I want to move out early, what do I do?

If you are interested in moving out before your agreement ends, please complete an Agreement Termination Form. Please note that you will remain financially responsible for your housing agreement through the end of your occupancy term unless another student fills your spot in the program before this date.