Moving Out


Moving Out

Unless staying for summer, graduating, or 12-month housing, the halls close at noon on Friday, June 9, 2017. You will receive information from your RA about move out procedures and signing up for final walk-through. At the final walk-through, you will sign the Room Condition Report (RCR) and key card fom where you'll return all of your keys (including mail). Please note that prior to the final walk-through:

  • All items must be completely removed from the unit
  • Unit must be clean and vacuumed
  • Check your mailbox and empty all contents, as well as collecting and packages
  • Update your address with any postal or shipping companies, as any recieved after you leave will be returned to sender
  • Have your unit and mail key to hand to your RA
  • Have your parking permit to hand to your RA

Plan ahead!  Packing up your items and cleaning the unit may take longer than expected. We recommend making trips prior to finals week to take things home if possible.

Please leave yourself enough time to complete them before your scheduled final walk-through.

Talk with your RA if you have questions about move out.

Moving Out Early?

If you are leaving before June 1st, you need to notify Housing & Res Life that you are terminating your Agreement. 

  • Complete an Agreement Termination Form (
  • Schedule a final walk-through by contacting your RA at least 24-hours in advance
  • Be sure to follow the outlined above procedures to successfully check out

Please note that after your final walk-through, you will no longer have access to your unit.

If you are terminating your agreement early, you will continue to be financially responsible for the unit through the end of the agreement date.

If you are unable to reach your RA to setup an appointment, please call the RA on Duty at 206-245-5536.


Click here to fill out the move-out extension request.

Staying for Summer?

All others will move into their summer unit the week of June 12, beginning as early as Tuesday, June 13. The date of your specific move will be e-mail to you in June. Our Summer Conference Assistants will help you with the check in and check out process.

To prepare for summer transition, please consider the following:

  1. Beginning Finals week, be sure that all shared areas (kitchen, bathroom, living room, fridge, etc.) are clean and appropriate for checking out.

  2. New unit keys will be issued and needing to be picked up and old ones turned in. An e-mail notification will go out with more information.

  3. Please pack in advance, during finals week, so that you're able to easily complete the move within 24 hours.

  4. Make sure you're ready and available to pick up keys for your new unit at 10am, the day of your notified move-in day.

  5. Confirm that your current roommates do their part before they leave for summer or a new unit. Cleaning and picking up your old unit is everyone's responsibility, not just the one leaving last.

If you have any questions about the summer housing transition, please contact