Coronavirus Response Updates


Updated August 2021 


UWB Housing & Residential Life is closely following all King County Public Health recommendations for student housing as well as UW’s Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) guidance related to COVID-19 response.  For complete and up to date university information, please visit UW Coronavirus Response website.


During your time living in student housing you can expect that your health and safety is our top priority.

  • Posters and display boards will be used to display information on physical distancing, hygiene practices, and other safety information.
  • Housing & Residential Life staff will communicate updates regularly via email to all-residents throughout the summer and academic year.
  • Additional education regarding protocols and actions to create a safe and comfortable living environment. 


Sending your student off to live on-campus during these challenging times can be stressful. We want to ensure you that providing your student with a comfortable and safe living environment is our top priority. We have protocols in place to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus and procedures you can trust. 

We will be sending communications regularly to your student via email while we navigate through our adjusted situation and we encourage you to ask your student share these with you.

This webpage will be updated regularly with new information and changes as the situation continues to evolve, so check back regularly.


We will be positing our communication sent to all of our current and incoming students over UW email in our Coronavirus Communications webpage.


These are communications that have been released to students from the university

Cleaning and Service


  • Custodial staff do daily cleaning of Husky Hall in addition to staff wiping down high touchpoints throughout the days of operation. 
  • Due to the nature of our individual apartments, Residents are responsible to clean their own in-unit bathrooms, kitchens, and other living spaces.
    • While residents are encouraged to bring their own cleaning supplies, supplies are available in Husky Hall. 
    • Additional educational material regarding safe cleaning practices will be provided.
    • Here is our Cleaning Instructions for Residents as a resource they can use when cleaning their unit.
  • Appropriate cleaning protocols are in place to respond to a positive COVID-19 case with utilization of UWB Facilities and coordinated vendors to respond as necessary. 
  • Husky Hall will have continually replenished hand sanitizer dispensers.

Physical Distancing and Masks


  • Physical Distancing: Based on state guidance, the UW is lifting both indoor and outdoor distancing and COVID-19 capacity requirements, though distancing is still recommended for unvaccinated individuals.
  • Also consistent with state requirements, Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) is updating the University’s COVID-19 Prevention Plan template, events guidance, cleaning and disinfection procedures, training and other guidance documents.


  • Effective August 14, 2021, the University is requiring everyone, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask or other face covering indoors. Read the University's COVID-19 Face Covering Policy and the frequently asked questions below for more information. 

  • All individuals are required to wear a face covering indoors, regardless of vaccination status, when on site at a University of Washington location. This requirement is applicable indoors when other people are present and in all public and common areas, including, but not limited to lobbies, hallways, stairways, restrooms, elevators, and in shared vehicles. 

    • This means that you will need to wear a mask if you are coming to the Residential Life front desk inside Husky Hall. 
    • The ONLY exception to the mask mandate is if you are inside your assigned on-campus unit with your assigned roommates. This is because as a unit, you and your roommates make up a "household" which, as per the CDC's guidelines is defined as, "people living together in close quarters.” This means that you do not need to be masked around each other, so long as you are comfortable with this. 
    • When UW Bothell staff (Ex: Facilities) enter your unit to complete a work order, face covering needs to be used. 
  • Outdoors, face coverings are optional, regardless of vaccination status. However, a face covering is recommended when in outdoor crowded settings and in settings where there is a decreased ability to consistently maintain a physical distance between others. 

Testing, Tracing and Quarantine


You can spread the coronavirus even if you have no symptoms — so for your health and the health of our community, you’re encouraged to enroll in the Husky Coronavirus Testing program.

Tests for the virus that causes COVID-19 are administered at in-person testing sites and through a test you can take yourself at home. The program is powered by the Seattle Flu Study team — the group that was the first to report community spread of COVID-19 in the United States. If you have questions, please review our testing FAQ. You can also email or call (206) 616-2414.


Case investigation and contact tracing is generally able to be conducted within 24 hours of a positive case. The university is increasing contact tracing capabilities for fall and is working in partnership with Public Health of Seattle and King County and the state of Washington.

You can also read more on how contact tracing works at the UW and as well as COVID-19 UW Case Tracking Dashboard here


  • We have 2 empty units designated as isolation spaces for confirmed cases.
  • The majority of close contacts needing quarantine will be able to remain in place based on housing configurations.  If unable to quarantine in place, quarantine space is available as follows:
    • Offline units
    • Working with local hotels in the area for temporary stays
  • Students have the option for grocery delivery directly to their unit. Instructions are below or click here
  • Residential Life staff are trained and equipped for COVID-19 case management in support of EH&S.
  • Residential Life will have “isolation kits” available for sick residents that contain a thermometer, mask, gloves, and sanitizer. 



Vaccines are now readily available that have proven safe and highly effective, including through clinical trials in which our own faculty collaborated and during real-world experience.

In order to protect the health and safety of our students, faculty, academic personnel, staff and broader community, the University of Washington will require all students to be vaccinated against COVID-19.


The Student Housing Office is not handling vaccination verifications. Before the start of autumn quarter, students will need to verify to the University they have been vaccinated unless they are claiming a medical, religious or philosophical exemption. This is similar to our existing tri-campus immunization requirement. If students are unable to verify they are vaccinated because they can’t get vaccinated where they currently live, the University will provide access to vaccinations upon arrival on campus. 

To verify your vacination status please go to this link and complete your Student Vaccination Verification.

Housing Occupancy & Assignments


We anticipate that all facilities will open at their pre-COVID capacity for autumn quarter 2021. This includes adding triples rooms back to our inventory. This page will be updated if we are advised differently by UW Environmental Health & Safety, the UW Advisory Committee on Communicable Diseases, and University leadership.

2021-22 Academic Year assignments will be released to confimed offers in Mid-August 2021. This will include room type, unit assignment,  roommate information, and move-in infomation. This will follow with additional requirements to prepare you for move-in day. 


Every student that receives a housing offer for 2021–22 must verify and agree that they understand how the housing agreement has been, or might be, impacted by different scenarios we may, by reading and agreeing to the UW Bothell Student Housing Public Health Agreement Addendum.


Students have received an email if they wish to remain or be removed from the housing waitlist. The housing program is currently full and while we will continue to make offers whenever spaces become available (priority is given to students who live internationally, out of state, or have the greatest commute to campus), we encourage you to seek alternative housing options for the Fall.  Your housing application will remain on our wait list and not expire for the 2021-2022 Academic Year. Our office will continue to be in touch via UW email with any updates.

In order to assist you with your off-campus housing search utilize the Health and Wellness Resource Center which offers great information on alternatives to on-campus housing, resources, and tips. 

  • The HaWRC First Time Renter's Guide for Students is available here

  • In you need assitance, let the Benefits Coach help you, schedule an appointment with a coach at the Benefits Hub at


As we expect to return to regular operations, including adherence to all terms of housing applications and agreements. This includes obligations related to cancellation, termination and housing charges. If you need to cancel, please complete the Housing Agreement Cancellation Form

Residential Life & Residents Currently Living with Us

Our Residential Life team will work hard to give you the best possible residential activities experience, while respecting physical distancing and other precautions designed to protect against the spread of the coronavirus.

There will be fun and innovative ways for you to connect with your fellow residents and staff, brought to you by your Resident Advisors and the Resident Directors. More information regarding leadership and connection opportunities will be provided. 


Developed with student leaders, the Husky PACK Pledge outlines the responsibilities Huskies have to protect themselves and each other. We ask you to read it carefully and commit yourself to upholding its values. 

Healthy Husky Village Pledge: Being a part of the UWB community means that we care about our fellow Huskies and our collective wellbeing. We all have responsibility to work toward stopping the spread of COVID-19 and keeping our community healthy. When living in Husky Village, all members of the community will be expected to take the following actions. - Last updated for 2020-2021 Academic Year. 

Download and print the pledge to post in your living space:

Husky PACK Pledge (PDF Version) (Web Version)
Husky Village Pledge (PDF Version)  - Last updated for 2020-2021 Academic Year. 


  • Front Desk Hours of Operations:
    • Until futher notice, hours of operations are 11:00 am - 2:00 pm Monday through Friday.
    • Closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
    • Additionally, we ask that you help us maintain 6 feet of physical distance between you and our staff.
  • Residential Life will continue to be on site and provide on call services via the RA on Duty phone 24/7.
  • Campus Safety will continue to provide service on campus.
  • Work orders will still be received, but only critical issues will be addressed. If you have a critical need in your apartment, please call the 24/7 RA on Duty line provided to residents.


A number of deliveries have come directly to HVCC or Husky Hall due to missing unit information and the residents not answering their phone.  For grocery and food delivery, we recommend you have deliveries come directly to your unit. Perishables will not be accepted in the front desk.

In order to ensure that you get your food and groceries, you MUST:

  • Have them delivered DIRECTLY to your unit. 
  • Including your building and unit number on the order.
  • Include a contact phone number that you will answer.

In order to protect your privacy, Residential Life cannot provide resident information at any time.  If you do not provide the unit information and do not answer your phone, they will have to cancel your delivery. 

Husky Village

  • 18612 Beardslee Blvd [Building][Unit Number], Bothell, WA 98011


Residential guests will be restricted dependent on the recommendations for the Safe Start King County. Residents will be notified of any and all updates regarding guests. 


  • Pack up and remove all belongings from your unit including your room, bathroom, and any/all shared spaces. DO NOT wait until the day of your move out to start packing- we recommend starting to pack slowly now to minimize the stress at the end of the quarter.
    • NOTE: If you moved around your furniture in your room/unit, you MUST return it to the way you found it or you will be charged.
  • Clean thoroughly all spaces in your unit that were assigned to you and any/all shared spaces
  • Claim any damages you caused by filling out all of the appropriate fields on the express check out envelope.
  • Lock your unit and come to Husky Hall **NOTE: This is a new location for the drop box, please see image below for location.
    • Check your mailbox inside Husky Hall for any last items of mail (remember, you can only access Husky Hall during the open desk hours, so plan ahead. All mail left in your mailbox after your move out will be returned to sender)
      • Don’t forget to fill out a change of address form with the post-office and to update your address with anyone/website where you have mail sent to you.
      • All mail received for students after they have checked out will be returned to the sender.

Husky Hall Drop Box

When you are completely ready check out and leave Husky Village...

  • Get an "Express Check Out Envelope" from the Husky Hall drop box to the right of the Husky Hall front doors located in the top slot.
  • Fill out entire envelope- don't forget to claim and damages you caused so that your entire unit isn't charged.
  • Place all of your keys (unit and mail box) into the Express Check Out envelope & seal it.
  • Slide the entire packet into the bottom slot of the Husky Hall drop box, located to the left of the Husky Hall front doors. Be sure to push the packet all the way into the slot.

Expect a confirmation of your check-out to your UW email within 5 business days.

If you have any questions about this process when you are checking out, please call the RA on Duty at (206) 245-5536 


We know you may have other questions about your housing agreement and what Housing and Residential Life is doing for students who are concerned about their on-campus housing. As we move forward, please direct questions you may have to Our team is working hard to track questions and will respond to emails in a timely fashion.

Please take care and stay well.

UW Bothell Housing & Residential Life