Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies

Withdrawing from UWB & HS Major

Withdrawing from the Health Studies Major

There may come a time when you need to postpone the completion of your degree; this does happen and it is important to know you have options. Before you decide, connect with a Health Studies advisor to explore your options. Depending on your situation, you may be able to take a quarter off (with no re-application), slow down to a part-time schedule, or you may determine it is best to withdraw from UWB for re-application at a later time.

Once the quarter begins, even if it is day one of your first quarter in the program, you are considered a current and enrolled student. This means you need to withdraw from the coursework in which you are enrolled. To withdraw, complete the steps below:

Withdraw from all your coursework

Withdrawing from classes is the responsibility of the student. The University and the program does not withdraw you. You are responsible for any unpaid tuition and fees. If you need assistance, contact the Office of the Registrar.

Pay any remaining university fees

Students are responsible for paying any remaining fees, even if all coursework is dropped. 

Reapply for admission to the major

Meet with a Health Studies academic advisor to review course availability and to create a completion plan. We want to make sure you apply for the quarter that is the optimal one for your re-entry. We also need to ensure that there is space in classes, and that your plan to complete your degree is feasible. Visit our scheduling page to schedule an appointment with the Health Studies department. Once your re-entry plan is in place, your Health Studies advisor will refer you to an admissions advisor regarding the process for applying to UW Bothell as a returning student.