Minor in Health Education and Promotion

The Minor in Health Education and Promotion will prepare students to improve and promote health locally and globally through effective community-based, culturally tailored health education, communication, leadership and advocacy. 

This minor is a great opportunity for anyone looking to enhances one’s marketability to work as a health educator in a variety of settings, including: community organizations and non-profits; county, state, and federal health departments and agencies; global health organizations; military; schools & universities; hospitals and community health centers; insurance companies; and private businesses.


Students that complete this minor along with a bachelor’s degree are prepared to take the CHES exam through the National Coalition for Health Education & Credentialing (NCHEC), allowing them to be nationally certified Health Educators.  For more information on credentialing, please visit the NCHEC site

Four Pillars

I. Working together to enhance individual and community health and well-being

II. Identifying and addressing factors that contribute to health disparities and social injustices locally and globally

III. Preparing skilled health education specialists and advocates who are competent to contribute and lead in a dynamic field

IV. Fostering a transformative learning environment that encourages critical thinking, reflection, and empathy and shapes students’ praxis and social consciousness.

Prerequisite for Declaring the Minor

BHS 201 – Introduction to Public Health (5 credits)

Minor Requirements

Students are required to complete a total of 35 credits of coursework:

BHS 300: Principles of Health Research OR approved introductory research course (5 credits) – for help registering, please contact the Health Studies advisors

B HLTH 435: Foundations & Principles of Health Education & Communication (5 credits) – CHI&P

B HLTH 436: Introduction to Management & Leadership for Health Professionals (5 credits) – HPL&E

B HLTH 437: Program Planning and Strategies for Health Promotion (5 credits) – H&S

B HLTH 438: Program Evaluation for Health Education & Promotion (5 credits) – CHI&P

B HLTH 439: Health Policy and Advocacy (5 credits) – HPL&E

Upper Division B HLTH elective (5 credits)

Class Offerings by Quarter
Course Fall Winter Spring Summer
BHS 201 Introduction to Public Health X X X  
BHS 300 Principles of Health Research OR approved introductory research course  X X X  

B HLTH 435 Principles of Health Education & Communication

Prerequisite:  BHS 201
X   X  

B HLTH 437 Program Planning & Strategies for Health Promotion

Prerequisite: BHS 201
  X   X

B HLTH 438  Evaluating Health Programs

Prerequisites: 201; 437
X   X  

B HLTH 439 Health Policy and Advocacy

Prerequisite: BHS 201 
  X   X

BHLTH 436 Introduction to Management and Leadership for the Health Professions

Prerequisite: BHS 201
X   X  
Upper Division B HLTH Elective (300-400 level) X X X X














*All core courses in the minor are 5 credit hours


Declaring the Minor

Interested students should review the minor requirements and declare the minor as early as possible with their major advisor. It is not necessary to meet with a Health Studies advisor to declare the Health Education and Promotion minor. However, if you have questions please call the School of Nursing and Health Studies office at (425) 352-5376 to make an advising appointment or email SNHS at uwbnhs@uw.edu