Global Health Minor

Learning Goals

A Health Studies student presents a research poster on African and Afro-Caribbean Women's HealthThe goals of the Minor in Global Health are to:

  1. Enable students to critically analyze global trends and issues that impact health and wellbeing at local, regional, national, and transnational levels.
  2. Increase students’ understanding of programs, policies, and social movements that aim to address and improve health.
  3. Build a foundation for lifelong learning about cultural humility, social justice, equity, and inclusion by helping students develop cognitive, affective, and behavioral skills that help them to work and interact across social, economic, and cultural contexts.
  4. Encourage students to apply knowledge to practice by building their understanding of work, advocacy, or study opportunities either in the field of global health, or in related disciplines and fields.

Declare Global Health Minor Form

To declare the Global Health minor, print and complete the form above and submit it to your department advisor.